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Thursday, 13 June 2013

To Do for Today

Looks like you all still need some more time to work on your blogs (yes, I am watching you, even when I am away)  You have all of today's class to work through the list I posted yesterday.  I'll be back tomorrow!

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Updating Your Blog

For today I would like you to spend some time updating your blog.  According to my records, you should have the following items posted (since the last blog check in I did mid term):

- 30 personal additions (since the beginning of the term)
- "Thinking Back" post from yesterday
- Your entire "Buried Life" project including your list, Author's Note, and "Now What"
- Your entire Twitter Fiction, including pics
- WR #5
- WR #6

I would also like you to take five photos of the inside of your Writer's Notebook, and post them on your blog with a few sentences of description underneath.  Feel free to ask the sub to lend you an iPod to take photos if you wish.

Your blog should also visually reflect your personality and progress in the course.  Meaning it should have a visually appealing background, and feature gadgets (maybe a Twitter or Instagram feed gadget) and other things (book I am currently reading, and/or want to read) in the side bars. Make it look like your digital home!

Tomorrow- Digital Fieldtrip!  One last trip to your classmates blogs.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Thinking Back . . .

Well ladies and gentlemen, you've ALMOST made it!  If you've been keeping up with the course you've probably created an average of 60+ blog postings, lots of Twitter tweets,  you've visited, read and commented on dozens of different blogs.  You are no longer consumers of internet content you and are now content cre8tors!  So, lets think back on the journey:

Final Thoughts on the Course:

Share your thoughts on the following topics. Each topic should have multiple/full sentences of discussion.

Favourite Assignment? Why?

Least Favourite Assignment? Why?
Friday Reading?
Monday Written Reflection?

The Writer's Notebook?



The integration of technology into the course?

What you learned about yourself as a reader, writer, and thinker, creator?

Comments/Compliments/Constructive criticism for Ms. McLauchlan about the course

Advice for future CW students?

TOMORROW?? I'll be posting a list of exactly what should be posted on your blog, so that you can make sure its up to speed before I visit for one last assessment. 

Have a good day, feel free to tweet (@cre8tivehavoc) or e-mail me (tmclauchlan@sjsd.net) your questions while I am away.