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Thursday, 29 November 2012

Yesterday- Part 2

Spend today's reading class reading the Twitter Fiction of both your classmates and the authors sponsored by Twitter. At the end of the class, come back to this post and add a comment below:

-Who did you read? What did you like about their writing?
-Who would you reccomend to your classmates to read? Why?

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Exploring the #Twitterfiction of Others

Today we will be taking some time to explore the Twitter Fiction of others. 

First, I would like you take a look at the Twitter Fiction that your classmates have posted.  Find their Twitter feed, follow tham and Tweet them your questions, comments, observations by using  @___________ at the beginning of your tweet.

Second I would like you to explore the authors selected by Twitter to be part of the festival.  Select at least one author/story concept that you think you would enjoy, follow that author's Twitter feed, and read their fiction throughout the festival.  If you feel brave enough, Tweet the author with a question or comment, I'ms sure they'd be thrilled to hear from you!


Monday's reading reflection will be based on the Twitter reading that you have done.  So be sure to take notes on your questions, comments, predictions and connections, so they stay fresh for Monday.

At the end of class, please come back here to Cre8tiveHavoc and post a comment below discussing:

- Which classmates Twitter Ficiton you really enjoyed and why.
- Which Festival sponsored authors you plan to follow/read and why.
- Other comments, observations about your day in the Twittersphere.

Monday, 26 November 2012

#TwitterFiction- Due Today!

Good Morning!

Today is the first day of our #TwitterFiction festival! Here's our to do list:

- Self assess a paper copy of your Twitter Fiction, and hand in with self assessment sheet.
- Ensure that your Twitter account profile contains (1) a quick description of the fact that you are writing Twitter Fiction, (2) as well as the hashtags #twitterfiction #vss #twister, (3) and a link to your blog
- Post your entire #twitterficiton story (with visuals) on your blog.
- Start following your fellow classmates, and reading their Twitter Fiction!

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Twitter Fiction Timeline

Arts Cartoon: Twitter Fiction

Twitter Timeline:

Today's class- type up your Twitter Fiction.  Print a paper copy of your story(ies) by the end of class.  By the end of class you also need to come back to this post, and in the comments, leave your Twitter handle  eg. @cre8tivehavoc

Tomorrow-  In tomorrow's class you will have an opportunity to create the visuals that you will be attaching to your Twitter Fiction

Friday- Reading class

Monday-  Your Twitter Fiction is due!  You be self assessing and submitting a paper copy of your Twitter Fiction to me, and you will begin Tweeting your stories.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Writing Reflection #9- Twitter Fiction Check- In

In today's class I would like you to focus in on your Twitter Fiction. 

(1) First thirty minutes, I would like you to spend the class typing up your Twitter Fiction in a Word document. You do not need to post it yet, but I think the process of typing your first draft will help with the proofreading of the story. Feel free to break your story into chapters, with chapter titles, if this works for you. Remember to keep each Tweet as a stand alone paragraph.  If you are unsure about the formatting, look to"Russet" as an example.

(2) Second thirty minutes of class, I would like you to post an update on how your Twitter Fiction is going.  (300+ words)

- Take a picture of your rough draft story boards, and post them on your blog
- Then discuss how close to "done" are you?  How many Tweets  /30 have you written? What type of story(ies) did you choose to tell, a VSS, an etended story, something in between? Why did you select that style of Twitter Fiction?  What elements from the "to do"list  do you have left to include? Have you thought about the images/pics you are going to include with your story?  What has worked well in your story? What still needs work?  What questions/comments do you have about this writing project so far?

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Choose Your Own Adventure Day!

I thought I'd give you today's class to wander around the blogosphere!  Here are some options for today's adventure:

(1) Update your blog with personal additions!  Look at the links listed under the Cre8tive Havoc title, at the the top of the blog.  They might provide some inspiration.

(2) Visit your classmates blogs, nosey around, add some comments. Find some cre*tivity.

(3) Open a Word Document and start typing your Twitter Fiction.  Cut, paste, move things around.  Start to get an idea for what story(ies) you want to tell.

** What ever adventure you choose, come back here to Cre8tive Havoc at the end of today's class, and add a comment to this post, discussing what you did this class to cre8te.

Twitter Fiction: To Do List

Despite the fact that we are writing different types of twitter Fiction, with different plot lines, we can ensure that we have some basic writing element in common:

- You must have at least 20 Tweets worth of story
- You can write a VSS or a multi-Tweet story, or a combination thereof
- *One example visual, and auditory and kinesthetic, and smell and taste imagery.
- *Three Tweets worth of Character Development
- *Two Tweets worth of Dialogue
- *One Tweet with a clear "So What"
- *Five original Twitter pics to accompany your fiction

The elements listed with a * accompanying them, with be discussed in class via mini lessons.
Please keep in mind that the above listed amounts are minimums, I encourage you to use these elements freely (but with purpose) to tell your stories.

Monday, 5 November 2012

Reading and Writing Reflection #8

This week's Reading Reflection is just as you would expect it to be:

Reading Reflection (250 Words)
Remember to start your post with:

Reading Reflection #8

Book: Lone Wolf
Author: Jodi Picoult
Pages Read: 74-130
And fill your reflection with the usual questions, comments, predictions, connections, etc . . .

Also, we haven't had a chance to debrief about Newpspaper Blackout Poetry so your Writing Reflection will focus on this and be about 250 words in length this week:

Topics to discuss:

- Discuss the process of writing Newpaper Blackout Poetry. How did it go for you? What were some of the challenges and successes?

- What was unique about this way of writing (compared to the other types of writing we've done this semester?)

- What did you learn about yourself as a reader/writer/thinker?

- Other comments about this style of writing

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Our Next Project . . .Twitter Fiction

In honor of Twitter's upcoming "Twitter Fiction Festival" our next writing project as a class is going to be Twitter Fiction. There are two common types of Twitter Fiction:

(1) THE VSSAS- The "Very Short Stand Alone Story", is one story in 140 characters or less. Beginning, middle, end, all in one tweet.

examples here:

(2) The Extended Story- One story, told through a series of tweets, but still limited to 140 characters per tweet.

example here:

So which type of story are you going to tell?

Characteristics of Twitter Fiction

Rough draft of Jennifer Eagan's Twitter Fiction Story "Black Box" 

Characteristics of Twitter Fiction

·      A story told via a twitter tweet/feed

·      140 characters or less (including spaces)

·      May contain complete or fragmented sentences

·      Contains imagery, language the appeals to the senses

·      Acts as a “stand alone” idea, meaning it makes sense by itself, BUT

·      Might be one in a series of tweets telling a story.

·      Uses the hash tags #twitterfiction #twister #vss #140novel