Monday, 19 November 2012

Writing Reflection #9- Twitter Fiction Check- In

In today's class I would like you to focus in on your Twitter Fiction. 

(1) First thirty minutes, I would like you to spend the class typing up your Twitter Fiction in a Word document. You do not need to post it yet, but I think the process of typing your first draft will help with the proofreading of the story. Feel free to break your story into chapters, with chapter titles, if this works for you. Remember to keep each Tweet as a stand alone paragraph.  If you are unsure about the formatting, look to"Russet" as an example.

(2) Second thirty minutes of class, I would like you to post an update on how your Twitter Fiction is going.  (300+ words)

- Take a picture of your rough draft story boards, and post them on your blog
- Then discuss how close to "done" are you?  How many Tweets  /30 have you written? What type of story(ies) did you choose to tell, a VSS, an etended story, something in between? Why did you select that style of Twitter Fiction?  What elements from the "to do"list  do you have left to include? Have you thought about the images/pics you are going to include with your story?  What has worked well in your story? What still needs work?  What questions/comments do you have about this writing project so far?