Thursday, 19 December 2013

Cindy, Maddie, Alisha's Vids That Make You Can Go Hmmmm . .

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The Hospital Window
"A Soldier's Story"
Is there anything you've seen or expereinced that has warmed your heart?


Selena Dyck said...

The first video won for me. They were both very good videos, but I liked the first one better because it was a good example of the power of imagination and how it can change lives. I loved that the old man just made up stories about the non-existent park to help the blind man realize he can still find enjoyment in life without the use of his eyes.

I've seen a lot of things that warmed my heart. One time I watched one of my campers at summer camp, who was utterly terrified of horses, manage to go up to a horse, pet it, and then the next day she was riding it with the biggest grin on her face. So that was awesome. (Most of the things I can think of that warmed my heart happened at camp.)

Cheyenne Vermette said...

I enjoyed the first video more because it showed how you can simply make someones day with your imagination and creativity. You could see how the blind man was so happy and interested. I did like the second video for show that you should never give up and there's almost always a way to overcome your problems.

One of the things that easily warms my heart is seeing older people, like grandparents, doing things for one another and then them smiling at each other and when you can still easily see that they love each other.

Sierra Hill said...

I thought both videos were inspiring, but I enjoyed the first video a little more! It was so touching how that man made up a whole scenario just to brighten the blind mans day! The man saw that the blind man needed some happiness brought back into his world so he made up the whole story! I thought that was so touching!

Something that instantly warms my heart is watching videos of soldiers coming home to their families! Both the soldier and their families are so over joyed and it's so touching! Another thing is every year my dad and I bring a toy for a little girl and boy around Christmas time to the Children's Hospital! It's something I like to do because I couldn't imagine being in the hospital on Christmas and I love doing something that will make the kids days!

john chua said...

I chose the first video because it's about an old guy brightening a blind mans day on the hospital when I scene chafed when the old guy died I almost cried when the blind man was crying.

Things that warms my heart is watching touching commercials.

Tara McLauchlan said...

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Bethany Rempel said...

Both the videos were really inspiring. But I like the first one the best. The way the old man helped the blind man use his imagination was really heart warming.

I've done work with the inner city kids of winnipeg and it's really inspiring to see how they change from the beginning of the week to the end of the week when I did a day camp with them. At first they're quiet and shy or angry and cold but by the end of the week they become really attached to you and it's heart warming the difference you can make in their lives.