Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Blogging Time


So pretty much everyone has recieved a "Blog Check In #1" list from me.  In today's class you have one last opportunity to fine tune your blog before . . . dunh, dunh, daaaaa . . . Report card time.  The sad truth is that I have to assign you some sort of mark on your progress in this class, despite that fact that progress isn't always best expressed through a numerical mark.  SO, in today's class double check that:

- Your blog is up to date
- Your blog shows evidence of personalisation (add some gadgets, tweak the format/layout/backgroud-- make it look like an extension of your brain)
- You visit the blogs of your classmates,  create some pay it forward karma.

If you've made significant changes to your blog, please add detailed, highlighted notes to your  "Blog Check In #1" list,  and resubmit the sheet to me further further evaluation.