Monday, 10 February 2014

Reading Assignment #1- Reading Tweets

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Reading Reflection: 

Today, you will using the format of Twitter to compose "Tweets" about the post it notes you took while reading on Friday. Your reading tweets will contain 140 characters or less - including spaces and punctuation. In total you will create 5 "tweets:

- An intro tweet that gives the title of the book, the page that you are currently on, and your initial reaction to the book:

The Girl i/t Steel Corset (203) my 1rst steampunk book. I enjoy the dark mystery- great change from the Dystopian fic I've been reading #intro
-Your second tweet will discuss a question (?) you had while reading:

?- Is Finley Jayne the only character with superpowers? My guess= no, there will be a group of character to soon be introduced #question

-Your third tweet will discuss a comment you had while reading:

Favourite quote so far " ___________________" (pg 123) #comment

-Your fourth tweet will discuss a prediction (!) your had while reading:

!- This is definitely going to be part of series/trilogy. Too many characters, to much conflict going on to all be resolved in 1 book. #prediction

-Your last tweet will ask an open-ended, discussion question for your classmates.

Anybody else read any steampunk? Or tired of dystopian fiction? The Hunger Games was great, but I'm tired of all the copycat books. #discuss

You will need to post all five of your tweets, but you should also read and respond to what your classmates post.


Mary Rose Buhay said...

Hush, hush. The very first mysterious and thrilling book I've been reading. I enjoy the mysteries behind the characters personalities.

Does it mean that the boy and Patch is only one? Because he also have the V shaped scars like Patch's.

Patch is a little bit weird and scary. He knows some of Nora's profile.

I think the coach and Patch has connections and they planned about the new seating arrangement.

Do you guys love to read some kind of a mysterious story?

Anonymous said...

Megan Pelissier

Before I Fall (42) I've even wanting to read this for a while. I enjoy the typical high school setting with a bit of suspense. #intro

?- Will Marion (1 of the cupids) become more important to te story? I think yes, because of the amount of description about her. #question

When Lindsay says: "Sorry, sweetie! I didn't see you there."... Hugest pet peeve: girls calling each other sweetie. #comment

!- Sam will fall for Kent and forget about Rob. Sam and Kent were BFF's when they were little, and she seems bored with Rob. #prediction

How many people have read Before I Fall? Does anyone else love typical high school settings as much as I do? I may be obsessed... #discuss

Meagan Sawyer said...

Divergent, knock off of the Hunger Games. Currently on page 222 and it's pretty interesting, confusing but for sure interesting #intro

Beatrice, three of the factions? Which one will she choose? I'm assuming she's gonna leave her faction #scandalous #question

Judging by the fact the book is called "divergent" I'm gonna say that qualifying for 3 factions is called "divergent" #comment

!- Beatrice's mother was Dauntless, I know it, how else would she know about the fight training? #didntseethatcoming #prediction

if I got to pick a faction I think I'd choose dauntless. what about you guys? dauntless? abnegation? candor? erudite? amity? #discuss

Jenni F said...

The Fault In Our Stars (pg.219) Very emotional book. I am starting to realize why so many people suggested it #intro

Is Mr. Van Houten joking? Does he have a memory problem, or is he just being rude? Answer= he is just rude #question

Favourite quote so far "He puts the killing thing in his mouth but doesn't give it the power to kill him." (Pg146) #comment #cigarette

I sadly predict that Gus will pass away before Hayzel does #prediction

The Fault In Our Stars seems to be a very popular book in young teens. Why do you think this is? What is so relatable about it? #discuss

Ariane Ruiz said...

Illuminate (43) has caught my attention! First book I've read by Aimee Agresti. Loving all the suspense! #intro

I wonder what happened to Haven's real parents? Where did she get all her scars from? #questions

I think the necklace might be connected to her real parents. #comment

I predict that Haven will discover her real identity due to the book she found. #prediction

Has anyone else read the 'Vampire Diaries ' series? This kind of reminds me of it. #discussions

Maslen Johnston said...

Scar Tissue (187) is the first autobiography that has captured my attention. Anthony Kiedis chose a life path full of excitement #intro

Would Anthony have been such a successful musician if he never met Flea and Hillel? Would he still have pursued a career in music? #question

I can't believe Anthony lost his virginity at the age of 11 to one of his dad's girlfriends! #shocking #comment

My prediction was that Anthony's addiction would spiral out of control early on in his music career. No big revelations, I was right. #prediction

Kiedis' novel details his life of partying and mischief. In what way is his story timeless? How will future generations relate? #discuss

Veronica Kibalnik said...
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Jasmine Baker said...

The Spectacular Now (27) another sappy teenage love story, hope it ends well. #intro

?- Why does he drink so much? My guess= something bad happened in his past. #question

Favourite quote so far "Embrace the weird, dude." (Pg 7) #comment

!- His girlfriend will give up on him and he'll try to get her back. "Prediction

Is drinking alone really that bad? According to the main character it isn't. #discuss

Jasmine Baker

Anonymous said...

-Karli Wishnowski

Along for the ride. (156) It's my first time reading Sarah Dessen. I like how it's not overly girly #intro

? - Why is Auden's mom so mean towards Heidi and everything she's involved with? #question

Favourite quote so far "You're supposed to fail sometimes. It's a required part of the human existence." #comment

! - Auden and Eli will get together, but other people may try and interfere with their relationship. #prediction

Has anybody read Along for the ride or any other Sarah Dessen books? What do you think makes her a popular author? #discuss

Veronica Kibalnik said...

This is my first time reading Generation Dead (page 29) , and my first impression on this book is that that its a really boring book. #intro

?- Will Phoebe end up being friends with the 'Dead Girl'? #questions

This book is written in a second persons perspective and I prefer to read my books in first. #comment

!- All the characters in this book will end up being called the 'dead kids'. #prediction #GenerationDead

Please tell me this book gets better. #discuss

Ben McMahon said...

My first impression of #theRosieProject was that it looked kinda girly. But it's actually more like Big Bang Theory (21) #intro

?-why does the main char. act in such a robotic nature? I think he has some social anxieties. #question

The narrator acts like Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory #comment

!-I think this book will end in the main char. getting into a relationship #prediction

I'm not usually a fan of books about social interactions. I like murder mystery... Wbu guys? #discuss

Thomas Groom said...

Geez Blood Meridian moves fast.Only 2 pages in and already the protagonist has run away from home and been shot.#alittlelost #Western #Intro

Does the kid's(protagonist's)desire for violence stem from his lack of education or is that just what kids did back then?#Nihilism #Question

There hasn't been one relateable or morally upstanding character in this book yet. #49pagesin #mykindofbook #Comment

The Kid's need for violence will only grow stronger and keep him from staying in one location for long #forever_unfulfilled #Prediction

Westerns aren't as popular as they once were. Should it stay that way? #BringbackJohnWayne #Discuss

Ryan Job said...

Partials (31) So far: Interesting, creative. Very bleak. In some aspects predictable - post-apocalypse, humanity rebuilds, etc. #intro

?-N. Shore-Kira sees skeleton of RM victim who tried 2 escape by car. Didn't make past drvway. How does a virus kill so quickly? #question

Madison hears Ariel gave birth+is saddened. Interesting-2us a birth such a happy event+2 them very sad 1-no child has lived in 14yr #comment

!-Govt lowering mandatory pregnancy age to 16 - Kira's age. Many disagreed w/ the policy. Maybe she or some others will revolt. #prediction

Do you think some elements from post-apocalyptic novels are possible in the future or even present in the world today? #discuss

Mary Rose Buhay said...

For me, it depends upon the situation. Because drinking alone cause no trouble.

Alysha Cho said...

Snitch (21) 1st book I'm reading in 2014. A slow start, but not too horrible. Slightly confused as to what's happening. #Intro

?- Q? Is that really her name? Why are the names so strange in this book? Answer- Her real name is Latisha Stairs. #Question

"As he walked away, I shouted over my shoulder, 'Your pants are falling down.'" (5) Why am I not surprised? #Comment

!- I think that Julia's parents are divorced or her mother's dead because very little is said about her mother. #Prediction

Apparently there are many gangs in this novel's school. Do you find that gangs are similar to cliques? #Discuss

Kira Stroud said...

The Lucky One - (37) Everybody loves a good love story. TLO is more than just your average love story #intro #changeitup

? - I wonder why the book is called The Lucky One

"The camera was gone." is my fav quote so far cuz of the meaning behind it #sherrif#lost#it #whoops #comment

! - Just taking a shot in the dark, Logan MIGHT (idk) meet the girl of his dreams #prediction #plottwist #NicholasSparks

have ya seen tha movie???? #chickflick #loveisintheair #oolalaaaa #discuss

Mark Taylor said...

The Twilight Zone (21) It's my favourite tv show And so far it's just as intriguing a few pages in #intro

? Will Inverawe regret his decision of helping MacNiven escape the people hunting him #question

"Shield not the murderer, Inverawe Blood must be shed for blood!"(16) what an intense quote #comment

! Prediction of mine is Inverawe will end up running into MacNiven again but MacNiven won't pay back the kindness he was shown #Prediction

Anyone else a fan of The Twilight zone ? Whats your favourite story/ep ? #Discuss

Bruna Barcelos said...

The Absence of th Hero (10%) has the best of Bukowski, the tales are full of poetry, I'm enjoying every word! #intro

? - In each tale I wonder if he is telling things that really happened or things that he wished that had happened. #question

"You may be a poet, but you're not a poet just like me" (pg 180) from the story "The Big Dope Reading" just awesome! #comment

! - I predict that the rest of the tales will be full of poetry, drunk poets & love because these are the author's favorites topics #prediction

Anybody else like poetry or short stories books? The mixture of both is amazing, it's fiction with real feelings! #discuss

Taryn Lucas said...

Normally I don't really care to read about a 13 year old boy but by page 40, Swipe has definitely wiped away that stigma. #intro

?- Logan claims that someone is watching him. Who is it? Probably the boogeyman since he's afraid of the dark. #question

Even though Logan and I come from different backgrounds we can relate on one thing, we're both paranoid of the government. #comment

!- Logan's sister was marked on her 13th birthday but never came back afterwords. He assumes she's dead but I think she's alive. #prediction

There seems to be tons of books nowadays where there's a tyrant-themed type of government, why do you guys think this is so popular? #discuss

Anonymous said...

Megan Pelissier

I want to read the book! The movie is so good.. Chick flicks and Zac Efron ftw #discuss

Veronica Kibalnik said...

Sarah Dessen is a great author that's why her books are so popular!! #discuss

Thomas Groom said...

@marktaylor Nightmare at 20,000 Feet #LongliveShatner #discussresponse

Jasmine Baker said...

I think gangs and cliques are similar because they're both groups of people with similar interesting and are like family.

Xavier Chacon said...
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Ryan Job said...
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Ryan Job said...

Alysha -
I think so. Wouldn't think many join gangs b/c they like what they do. It's more abt belonging somewhere, just like cliques are. #discuss

Alysha Cho said...

I've read one novella and that was pretty good. It was The Shadow over Innsmouth by H.P. Lovecraft. I'm usually not into creepy novels, but this one was good.

Taryn Lucas said...

@Bruna Barcelos Poetry is amazing! I love it when writers are so descriptive with their poetry. Short stories are really cool too, they give you tons of chances to hear tons of different stories! I also really like spoken word poetry, you should check it out! #discuss

Jenni F said...

@kirastroud I love this movie! Haven't read the book though, I bet it's even better.

Karli Wishnowski said...

I think it's very popular because most young teens love a love story. Hazel's and Augustus' is just a little different which makes it more interesting.

Maslen Johnston said...

I haven't read this particular book but I do know that the concept of losing someone you love and heartbreak are two very real ideas to many teenagers. My best guess is that youth enjoy the thrill of reading a novel that incorporates love, heartache, and the inevitable death. It's all about the tragedy and the fairy tale love.

Kayla Burgess said...

Saving Max(29) takes a look at the hardships some people must face, it definitely opens your eyes to how lucky we are in life. #intro

?- What is Danielle going to do to help Max? As her final hope to save him, will it work? #question

I have sympathy for Danielles character, shes sweet&selfless but is having a hard time as she struggles to rescue her son.#rufflife #comment

! - I can see Danielle&Marianne becoming close friends, connecting over their life struggles, as their sons receive treatment. #prediction

This book has made me think of how easy I have it. Has anyone else ever read a novel that makes you think about how lucky we are? #discuss

Kayla Burgess said...

@meganpelissier Before I Fall is one of my favorites, a good high school setting is great! They're a lot easier to relate to!

Micayla McNaughtan said...

A House in the Sky (24), I wasn't expecting @amandalindhout to be so relatable in her memoir, great start to a bitter story #intro

How does @amandalindhout transition from her destructive childhood to her amazing life as a world traveler? #bigchange #notsure #question

"When I was a girl, I trusted what I knew about the world. It wasn't ugly or dangerous." #favouritequote #page5 comment

I think @amandalindhout will be an impactful woman of our modern world. #worldchanger #inspiration #prediction

Has anyone read any inspirational memoirs lately? I am really enjoying reading about modern day world change #discuss

Bruna Barcelos said...

@maslenjohnston I don't think Anthony would have pursued a career in music if he had never met Flea and Hillel, I think was in this time that he discovered that music was what liked and wanted to do #question

Meagan Sawyer said...

@tarynlucas : I think it's so popular because it causes so many problems in society and is interesting to see from our point of view without that form of government.

Megan Luff said...

The Fault in our Stars (21) Not normally one to read much -but i'm pretty interested #intro

?-Are one of the main characters going to die? My guess, yes. #question

Hazel seems like she has more of a story than what she's let on. #comment

!-Augustus and Hazel are going to end up together. #prediction

Anyone else read this book? I feel like it'll make me cry. #discuss

Megan Luff said...

The Fault in our Stars (21) Not normally one to read much -but i'm pretty interested #intro

?-Are one of the main characters going to die? My guess, yes. #question

Hazel seems like she has more of a story than what she's let on. #comment

!-Augustus and Hazel are going to end up together. #prediction

Anyone else read this book? I feel like it'll make me cry. #discuss

Kira Stroud said...

@alyshacho I think cliques are basically the same thing as gangs but the difference is that gangs are associated more with drugs and things like that. when I think cliques I think of high school and how we all seem to know each other but not like the people that we talk to on a regular basis.

John Massey said...

-Divergent a Veronica Roth book so far it is extremely descriptive and mysterious making for a suspenseful intro to this book # intro

?- There are factions which divide society in the book what classifies these factions and how do you think they would assign them # question

My favorite quote so far"the train hurtles past the school, squealing on Iron rails". # comment

Beatrice has to choose which faction she will live the remainder of her life in I think she will change factions # prediction

If you think our society today was divided into factions like in the book what would they be? #discuss

amanda delamere said...

First love (20)Grandma gave me this book to read. So far it's amazing! #intro

What is the big news that Axi has to tell Robinson?! #question

My favourite quote so far 'Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.' (17) #comment

I feel like their going to get caught for steeling the motorcycle and leaving town, but I hope not. #prediction

Has anyone read this book before?!
I'm hoping it's not a sappy girly book. #discuss

Xavier Chacon said...

2001 A Space Odyssey ( 23 ) by Arthur C. Clarke. I love Sci-Fi Novels so this should be a good one #Intro

A mysterious glowing shard is controlling the early aged humanoids to teach them basic functions, i wonder how far the glowing shard will go? #question

The main character thus far goes by the name MoonWalker.#Comment

Not 100% sure what will happen to MoonWalker but i bet he'll end up being the start to the human-race. #prediction

I love Sci-Fi Novels, do any of you like this genre? and have you seen the movie by Stanley Kubrick?