Monday, 14 May 2012

Reading and Writing Reflection #9

This week we are going to be continuing our focus on Twitter!

Reading Reflection #9 will be:

(1) To use one or two Twitter posts to update your reading progress so far.

The Girl i/t Steel Corset (203) my 1rst steampunk book. I enjoy the dark mystery, a great change from all the Dystopian fic I've been reading. @cre8tivehavoc

Anybody else read any steampunk? Or tired of dystopian fiction?  The Hunger Games was great, but I'm tired of all the copycat books. @creat8tivehavoc

Cut and paste your tweets into a blog post titled "Reading Reflection #9"

Writing Reflection #9 (200 words):

- How's your Tweeting going?  Surprises? Successes? Goals?
- How's your "Things to Do Before I Die" list going?  Surprises? Successes? Goals?

Add this as a blog posting titled "Writing Reflection #9" and cut and paste it as a comment attached to this post on the Cre8tive Havoc blog.


ashleymanon said...

I have found that this past week that school is getting a little too personal I find that it’s sort’ve embarrassing tweeting these on my actual account, but whatever. I guess I could’ve made a new account but it just seemed like too much work, plus I like being able to access the account from my phone. I do like the fact that we are able to use twitter to be productive as oppose to making pointless tweets hoping to get a response or a RT. My goals for twitter now are to get RT’ed or responded to by Carrie Underwood. My twitter dreams need to be fulfilled.
As for the list of things to do before I die, I have gotten to almost 80 and I’m stumped. I could just put random ones on there but I actually really have wanted to do everything I’ve come up with. The fact that we got retweeted by the buried life is pretty cool, just because we’ve actually been acknowledged for our work online. My favourite idea that I came up with is to participate in “La Tomatina” which is a massive tomato fight in Italy. I figured I should explain it somewhere before I posted it on twitter.
I love this project so far !

Beth R. said...

Signing up for Twitter was not one of the items on my Thing To Do Before I Die list. I just don't want to get sucked into it! If you already have Facebook, why should you get Twitter. Just another password to remember. Oh well, I'll use it while I have it, and delete it in June ;)

The day we set up our Twitter accounts, my computer would not let me onto the site, a problem that only I seemed to be having. So I think I am a little behind on the tweets right now, I only have two Buried Life tweets posted. I'll catch up eventually! One thing that surprised me when I got on Twitter is some of the people on the site! It was suggested to me that I follow Simon Cowell. Simon Cowell? What does he have to say, he doesn't do much now :P

I love making bucket lists! I usually have tons of things on mine, but this time around, I think I was having a bit of writer's block. There are only about ten things on my list. I am trying to keep them realistic, and very possible to achieve. Sure, I'd like to go to the moon, but come on, like that would ever happen. Maybe if you had a few million dollars burning a hole in your pocket. My goal is definitely to add more to my list, it is seriously lacking!

Erin said...

I really haven't gotten used to tweeting yet.I always vowed to myself that I would never get a Twitter account, and I still don't know how to feel about it. I will admit I'm still reluctant about Twitter and I procrastinate about posting the things on my bucket list. However I did follow a few celebrities. But I'm not addicted...yet. My goal is to keep tweeting until all of my bucket list things is on Twitter, not matter how long it takes, and who knows maybe it will keep going from there.

I actually really liked doing the "things to do before I die list" I didn't know I wanted to do half the stuff I put on my list until I really thought about it. Alot of the things I put on my bucket list are about facing my fears (heights etc) but I think thats okay because in a way that means I'm going out of my comfort zone and trying new things (which is a thing I'm not very good at doing). I really liked the assignment as a whole, I think its something new and it was fun. Although now, when I try to add things to my bucket list I get writers block. I know theres more things I want to do before I die, but I can't remember them off the top of my head.

Michelle said...

I like using Twitter because it’s another form of creativity. I am still learning about Twitter (all the different things on the site) but so far it is fun. I was surprised to learn that your tweets need to be under a certain amount of words. Before this class, I had heard of Twitter but never been on the site. None of my friends have Twitter, so I never seen it before. All my Tweets have been under the certain number of words which could be a success for me. My goal is to Tweet more often.
My “Things to Do Before I Die" list is coming along. I have about 50 items so far. I don’t like that we need to Tweet our list because some of the list is personal and I don’t really want everyone to know. I guess I could not post those items but then I would only have a handful to Tweet. My list is still growing day by day. Every time I think of a new item, I write it down in my WRN so I don’t forget it. My entire list is typed on my computer, so I can copy and paste the items on Twitter. I was surprised that it didn’t take long for me to put a list together. My goal is to keep growing my list

Ryan said...

I had Twitter previously, so I am doing fine with it. I understand how to work it and it's going swimmingly. Although, if I didn't have twitter I would be having trouble. For a social networking site, it is rather complicated. You literally need to have someone else explain it to you, there's no way you could learn how to do this yourself. I am doing fine with it though, so that's exciting. Now onto my "Things to Do Before I Die" list. It is a lot harder than I expected. Obviously, I have many things I want to do before I die. However, it is hard to think of all of them. I'm only at ~40 items and I'm having trouble finishing. Above all though, I'm trying to make these items realistic. For example, having dinner with Regis Philbin and Neil Patrick Harris would be just awesome. However, I find this to be a VERY unlikely and I'm trying to be somewhat of a realist and put remotely realistic goals on the list. I keep forgetting that I have to tweet items and therefore, have fallen a little behind on that. I hope to finish my list very soon though!

Sammmmmmmmmm :D said...

The Twitter thing is going alright. I've never used it before so I didn't know how it would work out. It's pretty easy to use so it's fine. I don't really get the point of it though. I’ve only been tweeting for what we have to do in Creative Writing, so it’s only an education-related thing for me. It’s a cool way to bring technology into the classroom, in my opinion.
The bucket list is going good. When I started, I had writer’s block for about 20 seconds, then I just wrote away. For successes, or should I say non-successes, I could have crossed off one of them last Friday; I was at a concert and some guys asked if I wanted to crowd surf and out of instinct I shook my head. I’m really upset I didn’t do it and I don’t know why I didn’t either! Other than that non-success, my goal is to cross that one off by the end of the summer. A lot of my other ones will have to wait, although I’m hoping I’ll be able to cross them off one day.

Anonymous said...

I love twitter!
I have had my own account for a while now and I made a new one for the purposes of this class:
My goal for my twitter is to be noticed by someone, I dont know who.
But after that video we watched in class, she said she won lots of things so I either want to win something, or be noticed (retweeted/reply) by someone famous.
As for successes, I'm tweeting! and keeping up.
I've even gone a head and done more than we need for class.
I love this project! So fun, and teaches us the runnnig theme of a clean digital footprint.
And how we can even use that to give us a leg up on our competition!

My list of things to do before I die is going great.
Im not up to 100 yet but I am confident I will get there!
I have found that actually writing them down make me want to go out and get them done.
My goal this summer is to complete this list and I will keep this list and as I go along in life try to get them all done.
And keep adding more.
I'm going to try my best to get them all done!

stay classy,


Breanne said...

This past week, we started twitter accounts and are tweeting our "Things to Do Before I Die" list (bucket list). I found I was self-conscience about tweeting @theburiedlife, because my bucket list is pretty generic and I don't have any heartfelt wants. When I say heartfelt wants I mean I don't have a wish to find a lost parent or wishes of that sort. What I do like about twitter is that I can see any tweets with the hash tag #ourburiedlife, which are the tweets by fellow classmates about their bucket lists. My goal of the upcoming, is to tweet more of my bucket list, because I have only tweeted four in the past week and we should be tweeting one daily. My bucket list is at 50 in my RWN (readers writers notebook) and I have more to write! When I really get into the right state of "Things to Do Before I Die" mind set I can think of another 50 easy. In my next 50 things I add to my list I would like to think outside of the box. If I ever have money, the tasks that are outside of the box will be once in a life time and very exciting. It seems if I had money, my bucket list would be easier to accomplish.

hug94 said...

To be honest, I never thought I would enjoy tweeting as much as I am. I really like how I am trying new things in this class, that I never thought I would use. I like that I can follow the tweets of some of my sports personalities and get rapid updates on their thoughts. As a goal, I would like to have over one hundred followers by the time the new school begins in September. I want more and more people to hear what I am up to and what I find important. I hope I keep up with my Twitter account from now on! I am also really enjoying constantly adding to my list of things I want to do before I die. The more I live, I am constantly reminded of more things that I would love to accomplish. To be honest, I`m not that surprised that I am having so much success with my list. I know that there are many things that I want to do. I plan to have over 100 things on my list by the time I have completed that list. The only part of this list that somewhat concerns me is that it is making me think about death a little bit. That is the only somewhat depressing part about this. I am really enjoying watching some of the episodes of the buried life. It is super cool to see this group of young adults live out their bucket list. They`re also very funny and entertaining, so it`s easy to like them. All in all, I have been enjoying this portion of Creative Writing.

Mandy C said...

I think my tweeting is going very well,even though I hate Twitter. I've also included a top pet peeve list,haven't really made a list just think of things to post until they run out but I find it humorous because now people who have randomly followed me are trying to start beef with it. I also find myself checking this a lot more..I guess curious to see what other people have to say about their bucket list. My bucket list is going OK i think mind you I'm suck on #33. I'm trying to at least get 50 because i need to this assignment justice. I've tried making lists numerous times just a long time ago with little inspiration and little experience so you can imagine how long my list would of been. A couple things on my old list that I've accomplished were: getting a tattoo, go to a concert, leave Manitoba lol, get a pet, just a few things that I've actually accomplished. One thing that shocked me was that a lot of people have Go Scuba diving on their list. I'm surprised that it's on a list, seeing people nowadays. They do a lot more family traveling then i could ever do that's why leaving Manitoba was a big thing on my list. i don't ever go anywhere fun like Disney world or Mexico...In time i guess.

Hannah G said...

Twitter is going just fine. I'm a bit embarrassed about having a Twitter account, but it's actually working out to be decent. When Twitter was a new thing I thought it was an incredibly stupid idea, but now I’m starting to see how it can actually serve some purpose. However, I still find the fact that they refer to your posts as ‘tweets’ irritating.
My list is going alright. I was only mildly surprised to find I didn't really have many dreams or plans. I like seeing what other people have on their lists, though. There's some really neat stuff on there. I'm stuck somewhere around number 10. I find that I know I want to do something. I want to do something amazing, I want to have an impact and change the world, or at least one person's world for the better. I still have no idea exactly what it is that I want to do, though. I certainly want to finish all my incomplete assignments in this class. I haven't had this many incomplete assignments since grade 9.
Now that I've been thinking for awhile, I realize that there are actually several worthwhile things I want to do before I die. I think it's actually a very good idea to make a bucket list so you don't lose yourself and forget what you really want in life.

Crizelyn Eve said...

Twitter, Twitter, Twitter...
I really love tweeting and following (I sound like a stalker) other people on Twitter. Chances are, if you see me staring at my phone, it's usually because I'm reading other people's tweets, and retweeting. It's one of my many bad habits. On this note, there weren't any surprises really that I found upon getting Twitter. I did have to make a new account. One, because I needed one that was school friendly, and two, because I don't really like people that I know following me. I prefer random people. I don't have any good reasons for this though. Having two accounts is a bit difficult to manage. It's also such a hassle to keep switching users. Sometimes there will be a post I want on both Twitters, and I'll just choose one. Other times, I'll just retweet myself... Which just feels weird.
As for my "Things to do Before I Die" list, I really enjoy tweeting these. I started this list the summer going into grade 9, I remember. I did this because this was the time I started to learn how short life really is and I should make the best out of it. As a result, I started to make a list of things I wanted to do before I die. I also learned that the name, "Bucket List," comes from the phrase, "To kick the bucket." In other words to die. Back in the day, when hanging was a way of execution, a person would stand on a bucket with a noose tied around their neck. Then, when it was time to die, they would kick the bucket. Hence, the term Bucket List.

Ashleigh said...

So far Twitter has been fine! I've never used it before so I'm still learning! I know that there is plenty of things to do on Twitter, I just have to find all that out on my own time! My Twitter page is looking a little plain and boring so I was thinking about playing around with it a bit more when I have some time at home. I hope that Twitter could possibly be something that I find very amusing. I might even use it for more than just English class.. but we'll see. I hope to have my Twitter page updated soon because I don't think very many people would find it too interesting. The only things I have posted there are my bucket list ideas. Speaking about my bucket list, I find that it is going quite well! I sometimes find it hard to think of extravagant ideas that no one would even think of but that's not the point of a bucket list. Some ideas could be the simplest thing but it's something you've always wanted to do!

lexi said...

I have had my own twitter account since September and I really do enjoy twitter so I’m kind of excited to have had to make another twitter account for creative writing. This is definitely something that I have never done in a class before and I think that’s what makes it so exciting because well we all get tired of the same old worksheets and textbook assignments. I just started tweeting on my new twitter account today and it’s been successful so far. I’m trying to tweet things from my bucket list that haven’t already been tweeted by others so that’s kind of challenging sometimes!
I can’t even count how many times I have done a bucket list for personal and school reasons in my life but, I’m still not tired or sick of doing them and I make a new one every time. What I find so interesting about bucket lists is that they are always changing as we grow up. I remember writing my first bucket list as a little kid and how easy it was because I had such a big imagination as a kid so like most little kids, I actually thought that becoming famous or a princess was actually going to happen. But, now that I have grown up, my bucket list has changed because I am now adding possible and even simple things to my list. I have now realized that a bucket list doesn’t have to be full of so many extraordinary things but that simple things like staying up all night can be on them.
While doing my bucket list, I realized that I have a lot of things that I want to learn how to do before I die and that a lot of the things on my bucket list have to do with my family and creating a family of my own someday. That doesn’t really surprise me though because family always has been such an important thing to me so I wasn’t very surprised that a lot of the things on my bucket list had to do with family.

Hannah said...


I had twitter before starting this project but I'm not a huge fan of it. I don't really see a point in telling the world what you're doing every second of the day like some people do. I barely tweet and I basically only had it to follow some people I find interesting and/or funny. I do however, think it's a pretty great way for education to get across to people from around the world.

The Buried Life:

I've always been a huge fan of the show and what the guys do for other people. So when we started talking about it in class I became instantly excited. I really can't believe everything they've accomplished off their list. No matter how crazy, they find a way to do it. Their catch phrase should be "It's amazing what you can do if you're bold enough to try". Most people give up before they've even put in a good effort, just assuming they'll fail. Not these guys! For example, on one episode, Duncan sneaks into the CMA Awards and asks Taylor Swift out on a date, to cross "Ask out the girl of your dreams" off the bucket list. He dresses up as a security guy, walks up to the gate, says a few words to the woman guarding it, she gives him a pass and he's in! Just like that. Most people would think that they would be stopped right away, so they wouldn't bother attempting it. I won't ruin the episode for anyone by saying the outcome, but it just shocked me that it was as simple as that.

What Duncan, Jonnie, Ben, and Dave have done with their lives. After discovering they need more, starting a project such as this is an incredible thing. They really do help people around the world, while entertaining the world with their awesome tv show.

It's such a great idea what the four guys have done. I'd love to be part of something that amazing one day.

samira said...

This past week, we started twitter accounts and are tweeting our "Things to Do before I Die" list (bucket list). I find it very interesting and fun thing to do , because it makes us think about thing we wanted to do before i die .for me i have never thing about thing to do before i die

Twitter account

The twitter thing is going alright. I have not used twitter before, so I don’t really know how to use twitter .twitter account is interesting account, there you can talk about your problem and their people can help you to solve your problem. Also if you have homework or assignment and you don’t know how to solve or what to write there you can find a teacher can help you get started with your assignment .I find it really interesting and helpful.

Things to do before I die
Things to do before I die list going really good, I had done this “things to do before I die” before, it was fun. Thing to do before you die list is very interesting to write done thing you wanted to do before you die. I’m half way done thing to do list, I did included stuff maybe I would not be able to do it for really but anyway I listed there. There are many things I wanted to do before I die but when it comes to list them I forget what I want to write down.

Brady said...

@Cre8tiveHavoc WR. I think tweeting is going well, I've learnt a lot about it since I first started. Highlight: retweet from Alex Suber