Tuesday, 13 May 2014

May 13- Solitary Confinement

(1) What did you do/write/create today?
(2) What did you learn (About yourself, your story, your writing, etc.)


Karli Wishnowski said...

1. Today I decided to stick with my original "so what" and blackout newspaper poems. I also came up with titles for the 3 poems.

2. I learnt that finding a few words to form a title is kind of hard. Because you have your ideas but now you have to find a specific couple words that go along with the idea you have.

Maslen Johnston said...

1. Today I finished the rough draft of my short story. It still needs a bit of work and some finalizations but other than that I am satisfied with the turn of events my storyline has taken.

2. I learned that I am capable of planning out a plot for a story and following it. Usually I have trouble doing so and my story ends up being completely different than what I had planned which leads to muddled ideas. I think I successfully planned out my story this time around.

Jasmine Baker said...

Today I did my last poem. I did a few extras because I'm not sure if they flow together in the same topic. I'm still trying to narrow down my topic but I think I have a good idea on it.

Today I learned that I work better sitting on a chair or a bench instead of on the floor. I am more comfterable and focused when I'm not in pain. Next time I think I'm going to try and get a chair or bench instead.

Xavier Chacon said...

Mark and Xavier -

Switched ideas but got entire premise done for the story and got all the important characters down. One more solid class of brainstorming to smooth out ideas and we are good to start writing.

Alysha Cho said...

Today I completed about 7 blackout poetry papers. I still have a few that I need to black out, but for the most part, they're all done.

I learned that sharpie can come off desks using the sanitation wipes! Pretty handy for this project. I also learned that finding words are easier using a book than newspaper!

Anonymous said...

Ian says
1) Today me and Tom were able to decide on how our plotline would finish, we completed our storyline flowchart and we narrowed our options for "so what" down to two things
2) We learned that deciding on so what is very important when it comes to writing our story

Kira Stroud said...

(1) Today I added a few things to my final draft of my short story such as more dialogue and visual components to make it easier for the reader to visualize the setting.
(2) I learnt about myself that even if I am writing in present tense, when I read over anything then I change everything from present tense to past tense. 

Ryan Job said...

Today I forgot to bring a newspaper a second time, so I read.

I didn't really learn anything this class, but I was reminded that I can be very forgetful.

John Massey said...

Today I devolved my short story on my previous idea to include time travel and a butterfly affect. And accomplished a great deal of character background.

I learned that although some of my previous idea's were irrational they could be recycled in order to add a great deal of depth to my story.

Ryan Mclaren said...

1. Today I created a few new poems although they really didn't seem the best. They seem to be to scattered and not having a point across.
2. I learned that when my mind is scattered so is my writing I need to have a clean mind when i sit down and start doing this or else my poems aren't clear and don't make a lot of sense.

Ariane Ruiz said...

Today I finished my story and will be posting it shortly. I'm just going over it to see if I've written any mistakes or if things don't flow well at all.
I found it difficult to write the summary/characters info first , instead I wrote the story first and did them completely backwards.