Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Log Book Challenge

#engchat #mbedu

Never assume that your day to day life wouldn't be on interest to others! Case in point, in April 2012, 9 year old Martha Payne started a blog where she posted photos of her school lunch. Little did she know that she was joining a world wide revolution to improve school lunches that would lead to Africa and connect her with celebrities like Jamie Oliver.

See her blog here--->http://neverseconds.blogspot.ca/

With that in mind, we take advice from Austin Kleon and his book "Steal Like an Artist"-- for the next month we will be keeping daily log entires.  The content of the entries is up to you!  Track your mood, the weather, what you watched on TV, what you read, what you ate, your successes, your failures, your work schedule, your pratice schedul, your outfit of the day. . . . Wait are you waiting for? Get writing!