Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Reading Assignment #7

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Character POV- Creating Conversations

This week we will be extending upon the "Character POV Tweet" assignment we did a few weeks ago.

For Reading Assignment #6 you will be creating tweets from a minimum of three character's perspectives-  and you will be creating conversation between these three characters.

You will be writing 25 tweets total, and you will need to pay particular attention to Twitter format.  Be sure to give each character a unique Twitter handle, use the @username format to direct Tweets at each character.  Remember to stick within the 140 character count, and use hashtags as needed to enhance the tone, voice of each character.

Be sure to use the voice, language, and tone of the character you have selected. Remember that you are not simply re-telling plot- but rather showing the characters thoughts/emotions/opinions, and as they relate to the plot and the world of the novel.

Use some of the hashtags listed below to help inspire your Tweets:

All 25 tweets must be ready for tomorrow, as you will be posting them on your blog!

Happy writing!