Thursday, 14 November 2013

Another Great Writing Prompt Site!

Yesterday we did some "Digital Quickwrites". In today's class we are going to expand on this work, BUT . . . We are going to use the prompts to help us climb into the image and tell the story. How? I'm glad you asked!  Let me tell you a little bit about our good friend imagery.

Writers choose their words very specifically, in order to appeal the senses of the reader.  This descriptive language allows the readers to fully participate in the story through the experience of imagery. The language that creates imagery using falls into one of the following:

Visual- Words or phrases that appeal to our sense of sight. These words could describe color, shape, light and darkness.

Auditory- Words or phrases that appeal to our sense of sound. Examples: Snap, scrape, static.

Kinesthetic- Words or phases that appeal to our sense of touch/feel. Examples: rough, pimpled, jagged

Smell- Words or phrases the appeal to our sense of smell. Examples: reek, aroma, stench

(T)aste can also be included here, as we rarely encounter  taste imagery. Remember that like smell imagery, taste imagery definitely has a positive or negative connotation.

Language that appeals to our senses creates IMAGERY or pictures in our mind’s eye.

 Here's a great example of how writing for the senses can create imagery, and help us climb into the story.


Your turn! Lets use this prompt to help you write and imagery filled paragraph:
Concept Art Writing Prompt: A Funeral on the Ocean Floor

This visual, and other Sci Fi writing prompts found at:


Robert Stephenson said...

The Electrical Hero
On my scavenging trip I heard the crying it didn't sound like anything iv ever heard before. I quickly hid my scavenge gear ,then I cautiously stepped into the ruined homestead I stumbled and fell onto the cold stale ground and again I heard the wretched cry. I got up spitting the dust and dirt out of my inhaler,I slipped through the broken wall into the room to find an fleshy human child lying between two limbless bodies. there was an stench of blood filled the inhaler I coughed resisting the nasty oil barf I tasted,I started examining the area I saw that they didn't die instantly ,bled out he shut there eyes he looked upon them after examining the room and picked up the child it cried louder.but I held it closer trying to keep it warm,i opened my water tank and gave the soft child some of my last drops of water.... I usually used it to keep my gears in check cause lube was so hard to find,I then looked around to find more info on what could of done this or who...... after searching for about 10 minutes I found an arm setting the baby on an old mattress.I picked it up it squirted out blood an made an nasty squishing sound,I examined the claw mark it belonged to an Aronic Executioner which would not leave an human alive not even an child... he looked down at the blood the pool Slicked and shuffled, i got up and raced towards the child I grabbed it and held it close.I ducked behind and floor that fell from above.I could hear him getting closer I placed my hand over the young child's squishy lips lathered with spit, I heard the wall crash downward the roar of the steam that he inhaled and exhaled gave me an shock shiver.I peaked around the side of the floor he tore the heads off each parent and looked around angrily for the child. he took an short fit of rage and punched the wall.I cringed scared I felt oil trickle down my face.....I listened intel I heard nor felt footsteps.Pushing myself off the frostbitten ground I accidentally dropped the blanket that was around the child,I quickly retrieved it.Upon picking the small fuzzy blanket it said the word "Stella"on it I wrapped it around the child an ran my cold robotic finger down her fleshy face and said "don't worry Stella I'll always protect you"