Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Ignite Presentations!!

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Answer the following questions:

(1) Leave a link for an Ignite video that you found to be entertaining/inspiring/insightful.  Discuss why you decided to share this video

(2) What topic/theme are you going to use for your video? Why is this a good topic?


Ian Preston said...

This talk is about how to make conversation easier in a social place with people you don't know. The reason I thought it was good is that the presenter had very good pace, they were able to fit in a lot of information into 5 minutes while going at a pace that was slow enough that the audience was always with them and didn't miss any information. This along with the presenter talking about a subject that is relatable to everyone made the presentation really enjoyable

Jasmine Baker said...

(1) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UPvMage2HQY
This ignite presetation is about what you could do with $20 000. I shared this because it is so interesting what he says. It really opened my mind about my life next year and about university. The things he described are so amazing what you can do with your life and learn without having to go to university and come out with loads of student loans. He didn`t talk fast at all and made a very clear point.
(2) For my video I think my topic will be animal abuse. It is such a broad topic and there is a lot to say about it.

Alysha Cho said...


1) I find this ignite presentation to be quite interesting. It's simply about how nothing is ever creative, but more so copied. When we say that something inspired us to make something or do something, it's often another word for, "I copied this idea, but changed it a bit so it's somewhat original." The truth is, no one really is creative, but that's not always a bad thing. It's like with music, how the same tune can work with so many other songs, or with painting, how the same pallet of colours can make all different types of art. What I didn't enjoy about this video was the timing and planning. The speaker was off pace, therefore he couldn't say a lot of what he wanted to. He also forgot a few things and had to pull out his phone to see what he had to talk about next. The information given was amusing, but the speaker himself needed more time to practice.
2) I think, for my ignite presentation I'll talk about something more personal, like my jewelry and how to make them, the techniques, etc. I think that, because it's more of a unique topic, it will be made interesting and not as repetitive.

Karli Wishnowski said...

1: I decided to choose this video because the title really caught my attention. "ONE MILLION GIRAFFES". It quickly grabbed my attention because it's not something you see everyday. I like how it talked about how doing something creative can open your mind to more creative things. I also like how it talked about how powerful social media is. Without it Ola would not be were he is at this moment with the beat. I also liked that this whole project came about because it was a drunken beat. I like how it shows how little things can soon become big and maybe important things.
2: I think my topic will be about the future and change. It's something I know about and many others do too.


Veronica Kibalnik said...

I chose this video because I thought it was a very we'll put together and even though it wasn't teaching me anything I enjoyed watching it because the information I gathered was interesting. The presenter made the audience laugh and he spoke at ease which I think some people have troubles with. So because he was calm and knew what he was talking about made the presentation that much more interesting. http://igniteshow.com/videos/try-not-die-advice-completing-your-first-triathlon-nick-reese-ignite-bend-4

Jenni F said...


I enjoyed this ignite video for many reasons. It was educational, funny and it had a purpose to the presenter. I like the educational ignite videos because I feel like there's more of a purpose for the audience. I think the woman did a really good job of getting her message across in a funny way because she had the audience laughing multiple times. I also liked that the woman did not stutter or seem nervous, something I wish I could accomplish for my presentation but I know that won't happen.
I think I am going to make my ignite video on either swimming or evolution

Bruna Barcelos said...

(1) This video was one of my favorites and I decided to share it because it's about something that we do a lot in class: doodle. I enjoyed the topic, it showed me another meaning for doodling and how it is very often present in almost everyones life. Also, the presenter was funny and her way of explaining things was very clear, and made it more interesting.


(2) I think the topic for the ignite presentation will be the influence of the media in our lives. Its a polemic topic, so I think it might be good.

Maslen Johnston said...


1) I chose this video because I found the topic of "taking back manliness" to be very interesting. The concept of the retrosexual really fascinates me since the way a retrosexual was described sounds like the type of man that women would be attracted to. It also sounds that retrosexuals are able to maintain healthy long-term relationships with women while the "man-boy" and "metrosexual" may not always be able to do so. I found it interesting that feminism was seen as a source of the loss of male identity.

2) I really enjoy writing short stories and poetry so I'm considering converting one of my stories into an ignite presentation. I haven't quite decided yet if this is what I want to do since typically, I'm private about what I write.

John Massey said...


1) I have decided to share an Ignite presentation on cup noodles because it uses comics in order to create a sensational feeling of suspense and enthusiasm and for this reason the cup noodle presentation set it self apart from others. The cup noodle presentation was hysterical making for a memorable but still impactful 5 mins. This presentation was also surprisingly insightful giving the reader a perspective from a large
corporation and how they react when faced with adversity.

2) I have chosen to do my ignite presentation on un-contacted peoples now this is a relatively new concept to me and have very little background knowledge as of right now but I feel this could be a potentially fascinating topic not only to research but to listen too.

Kayla Burgess said...

1) http://igniteshow.com/videos/life-if-youre-bored-youre-doing-it-wrong
I found this video hilarious and decided to share it with all of you because no only is is funny, but its also very true. Life is filled with so many possibilities and so many great things that we should never be bored. That is what this video talks about, ways to keep entertained, and he talks about it in a funny way making the presentation easy to follow.

2) As for my ignite presentation I am still uncertain on which topic to choose, I have been pondering the idea of spreading the word on Puppy Mills, or a possibly lighter topic such as boredom or ways to deal with stress.