Thursday, 14 June 2012


Thursday- Catching Up on Missing Assignments

Laptop cart is here!

(1) Catch Up on Incomplete Assignments:

 - Your progress report shows INC or NHI for any incomplete assignments.  Once you complete a missing assignment you must highlight it on your progress report, so that I know if has been completed. Progress reports with highlight must be handed in by the end of the day Friday.  The substitute will collect them all and hand them to me, so that I can update your mark.

(2) Making your blog look awesome:

- We still need to give you blogs a final assessment. So please make sure that you have done your best to make it look awesome! I would recommend that you look at Ryan’s blog ( or Criz’s blog ( for solid examples of awesome looking blogs.

Consider the following:

·       Create a post detailing the names of all the books you’ve read this semester. Be sure to include the tile, author, and five start rating you’d give it

·       Add a twitter feed gadget to your blog so that if feeds all your Buried Life posts to your blog! If you don’t know how to do this, GOOGLE IT! Or ask Nathalie Massaroni how to do it, she’s got one on her blog (

·       Update the “book I am currently reading” and “books I just finished” gadgets on your blog.

·       Make sure you’ve added all the pics and vids of your Buried Life Project

·       By now you blog should have between 25-30 personal additions.  Make sure you got that many and that you’ve given them a number in the title of the post.

*******  Give your blog a final mark:

Make a post on your blog were you give your blog a final percentage grade, and discuss in five or more sentences why you think your blog deserves that grade.  What did you do this semester, to make your blog and extension of your thinking, reading, and writing? What makes your blog interesting/unique? What could you have improved on?