Friday, 8 June 2012


Final Thoughts on the Course

(1)  Continue to tweet bucket list items on a daily basis.
(2)  In today’s class you will be working on the rough draft of your final thoughts on the course.  Please make sure you complete the rough draft in class, as you have limited time with the laptops (Tuesday, and Thursday only). 
(3)  Have rough draft ready for Tuesday’s class as you will be typing it up and posting it on your blog.
 Final Thoughts on the Course:

Share your thoughts on the following topics.  Each topic should have multiple/full sentences of discussion.

Favourite Assignment? Why?

Least Favourite Assignment? Why?
Friday Reading?
Monday Written Reflection?

The WRN?



The integration of technology into the course?

What you learned about yourself as a reader, writer, and thinker, creator?

Comments/Compliments/Constructive criticism for Ms. McLauchlan about the course

Advice for future CW students?