Monday, 12 May 2014

May 12- Solitary Confinement

(1) What did you do/write/create today?
(2) What did you learn (About yourself, your story, your writing, etc.)


Kayla Burgess said...

This class I have struggled with posting a personal addition to my blog, and after failing with that I switched over to trying to make up my mind on what the theme of my poems will be. As its the blackout poetry project I am leaning towards doing.

I have learned that technology can be rather difficult to use and that I am a very forgetful person. As I constantly forget to bring and look for newspapers at home. Along with being indecisive as I still haven't fully decided which project to do.

Karli Wishnowski said...

1. Today I finished my newspaper blackouts. They all have a common theme but I'm not sure if the "so what" is present in all the poems so I might try and think of a better "so what".

2. I wasn't as distracted today because all I had to do was color, but once I was done coloring I just went on my phone instead of trying to think of a better "so what". So I guess I kind of procrastinated a bit today. Which is kind of what I did last week.

Bruna Barcelos said...

(1) Today I started my short story. Although I still don't know if I'm going to continue it, it was good to start something.

(2) Starting a short story today made me pay attention to some details in my writing. After a long time without working on my "short story writing" I have some issues to fix.

Jenni F said...

1. Today I finished my third and final newspaper blackout poetry. I stayed with the same theme for all three of mine. They all kind of have a depressing theme which I found interesting because I'm not typically a very depressing person.
2. Ass I said above, my three poetry's are kind of depressing. I found that interesting because I'm not a depressing person. As a writer I think this is neat because it shows that even how my mind thinks and creates, it can be totally different compared to my personality.

Alysha Cho said...

1) I worked on my blackout poetry. I began blacking out the words I boxed the last time we worked and I also started a few new ones. I still don't have a main theme I'm going for, but so far I'm not off to a bad start.

2) I learned that, although I'm still surrounded by friends, I can focus on my work and work quietly. I also learned that the smell of the sharpie isn't great at all and that I should bring a face mask the next I decide to colour with sharpie!

Ben McMahon said...

1) I started writing my story! And I finished the rough draft. It was awesome to see it all unfold and I was surprised how fast it came together!
2) Today I learned that I am good at writing funny stories, well at least my view. It all worked better than expected and I cannot wait to show the world my story!
Stay tuned

Kira Stroud said...

Solitary Confinement 
(1) Today, I finished writing my short story. 
(2) I learnt about myself that if I am in a quiet place and I really want to work on something and get it done, I can get things done in no time at all. 

Jasmine Baker said...

Today I used some of the new markers to make my black out poetry look more appealing. I think the gold sharpies made a real difference in my poems. I made a new poem but I don't think it fits the topic of my other poems

I learned that I need to take my time in colouring things because my last poems aren't very appealing. I need to spend the same amount of time making the poem and colouring it

Ryan Job said...

Today I continued working on my blackout poetry. I finished one that I planned out last class, and tried to start a couple more - though since I forgot my newspaper and had to use a Metro, it was a bit difficult.

I learned that it's difficult to get any blackout poetry done using a Metro, because there are relatively few articles that deal with serious subjects and the vocabulary used isn't as varied.

Megan Pelissier said...

Today I continued working on my newspaper blackout project. Today I finished my fourth piece. Although we only need three, I really enjoy creating them. I've decided to continue with making newspaper blackout poetry until the project is due, then choose my favourite three that have a related theme.

Today I elaborated on the strategy I used for my first couple newspaper blackout poetry's. I scan (don't read) the article, and I circle words that are interesting or elaborate (aka big words). I don't use them all, but I pick a few that would fit together then piece it together. This has made the process a lot faster, and more enjoyable.

Micayla McNaughtan said...

1) Today I finished 3 newspaper black out poems with a temporary theme of world view, I am not sure if i am going to keep this theme, or if i will go with something different. I want to create a few more poems and then choose my best three to get as much practice as I can.

2) I learned that sometimes working silently is the best way to get work done because it allows you and you alone to create something meaningful without the distract or influence of others.

Ariane Ruiz said...

Today I finished writing the first draft chapter to my short story. I wrote it in a first person point of view with my characters. I have no clue if the chapters would flow well together after I'm done writing the second part, if they don't I might rewrite the whole thing.

I learned that writing dialog is not quite easy. You have to be aware of not using the same words with your writing to make it flow well.