Monday, 26 May 2014

Social Fiction "Hand In"

At long last it is here-  today is the day your Social Fiction Project is due!  You will be publishing your SF project in two places- on your blog, and here in the comments section. Use the comments section below to post the link to your blog where you've posted your Social Fiction. See my comment below for an example of how to post your links.


Tara McLauchlan said...

Partner "A" and Partner "B" present: "Put Your Social Fiction Title Here".

Read it here---> Partner A blog post address
and here ---> Partner B blog post address

John Massey said...

John Massey
Read it here

John Massey said...
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Ariane Ruiz said...

Ariane Ruiz presents "The Assistant"

Read the summary on:

Read the story on:

Thomas Groom said...

Tom Groom And Ian Preston Present: Diver Dave: He's Not Normal

Check it out here:



Maslen Johnston said...
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Maslen Johnston said...

Maslen Johnston presents: The Search Begins 

Read it here-->

And here's a link to Jacob's social media account-->

Ian Preston said...

Ian Preston and Tom Groom present: "Diver Dave: He's not normal"

Read on Ian
Or Tom's

Mark Taylor said...

Mark Taylor and Xavier Chacon presents: El Pulpo

Read here:

Or here

Ben McMahon said...

OH! The Humanity by me

Link to the story on my blog

Kira Stroud said...

The Art of Interactional Video Games

Read it here! -->