Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Blogging Fieldtrip

#engchat #blogging

I would like you to visit 3 classmates blogs, and leave meaningful and significant comments that encourage a discussion. When you leave a comment, I want you to cut and copy the page specific blog address/URL and post it in your blog as a post.  As part of your post, explain what and why you commented on.

You should end up with something that looks like this:

Comment #1

The first comment I posted was on Jenine's blog. Her drawing with a six word memoir on it caught my eye and made me read on to her explanation. It got me thinking of how complex horses are. There aren't many other sports that involve animals and how many different things horses are used for is incredible. It's weird that humans, who are smaller than horses, can have such control and power over something so large. It also got me thinking of other animals and the relationship you can have with them. Sometimes it's so powerful that when you lose them, it takes a toll on you. Animals can become good companions. I wonder what variety of companions there are out there? What is the weirdest pet there is? I think from commenting on Jenine's post, I stopped thinking of technology and friends for once and focused on something that may not get enough attention when we're caught up in our daily lives; animals.