Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Twitter Fiction To Do:

#engchat #twitterfiction

Despite the fact that we are writing different types of twitter Fiction, with different plot lines, we can ensure that we have some basic writing element in common:

- You must have at least 20 Tweets worth of story
- You can write a VSS or a multi-Tweet story, Fiction based on Fiction, or a combination thereof
- *One example of; visual, auditory, kinesthetic, smell and taste imagery.
- *Three Tweets worth of Character Development
- *Two Tweets worth of Dialogue
- *One Tweet with a clear "So What"
- *Five original Twitter pics to accompany your fiction

The elements listed with a * accompanying them, with be discussed in class via mini lessons.
Please keep in mind that the above listed amounts are minimums, I encourage you to use these elements freely (but with purpose) to tell your stories.