Monday, 15 April 2013

Further Exploration into Twitter Fiction

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Last week we read two different types of Twitter Fiction. First there was the VSS (or very short story) and then there was the extended story "Russett: One Wing". Instead of Monday's usual Weekly Reflection, you will be doing some further exploration into Twitter Fiction.

(1) I want you to sign up for/create a "Professional" Twitter account.

(2) Follow Cre8tiveHavoc on Twitter

(3) Follow @narrator18 and read the interweaving Twitter Fiction storyline @christinabaland created based on a pre- existing novel.

(4) Explore the Twitter Fiction written by the students from last semester's CW class.

(5) At the end of class, come back to this post and add a comment containing:
- your professional Twitter account name
- your comments. reactions, likes, dislikes of the genre of Twiter Fiction


Sam MacDonald said...

Sam MacDonald

I really enjoyed Jane's twitter fiction and I felt like they all made a lot of sense. I can't wait to begin writing my own Twitter fiction but I feel like it will be fairly hard to create a story in 160 characters.

Stephanie Zappia said...

I think twitter fiction is really interesting. I'm excited to try it out myself. I read Katelyn's and part of Jane's twitter fiction!

Bea Heuthorst said...

I spent the whole class setting up my twitter account. Technology did not agree with me so I didn't get any twitter fiction reading done.

Anonymous said...

Ileana Oslsson

I checked out Christina's twitter fiction which was really well done!

Nicole Lilley said...

Nicole Lilley

I read Jane's short story and I didn't get it at all but than I read Katelyn's and it made total sense. I'm looking forward to writing my own twitter fiction!

Ellyse Olafson said...

I tried to set up a twitter account and failed. I will have to do that at home I guess, then I was reading some of Jordan's Twitter Fiction and rather enjoyed it.

Kaitlyn Nott said...


I looked through all the links posted on cre8tive havoc, i really liked katelyns twitter fictions. Writing my own twitter fiction is kind of daunting right now, because I dont know if I want to write a series of tweets that combine into a story, or just short stories in one tweet.

wes pheifer said...

I did not start a professional twitter account, but i did manage to read most of last semesters twitter fiction.

Wu Xinge said...

Xinge Wu
@Xinge Wu
I enjoy twitter fiction this class. I like it.

Lochlan Wilson said...

I started my twitter account, @LochlansWriting, and read some of the last classes twitter fictions. I found that a lot of them tended to be angry, depressing, or at least sad. Hopefully I can break the mold a little!

tracey-victoria Young said...

I really liked reading the sickness twitter fiction. at first it seemed like it was two stories but when I scrolled down then started reading it all made sense.

tracey alice young

Luping Che said...

@Luping Che I've been catching up the things I didn't finish from class, and those fictions are really creative, I'll probably use this new popular method for many of my writings.