Thursday, 23 January 2014


Danielle Robak said...
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Michelle Zhou said...

Colby: I enjoyed your video! Your bucket list items were really funny and I think it's sweet that you want to send your grandpa on a trip. Your bucket list seemed really fun and some of the things seems really possible, like keeping in touch with friends. I really like how you included personal videos in your presentation, too. Your video was really positive and entertaining, awesome job!

Kenny: the music was really cool and seemed to go well with your photos. I think it's awesome how you want to go back to Africa! I know how much it sucks not seeing your family so I really hope you get to see them soon. Family is super important, they're always there for you!

Carly: you sister is getting married? That's so cool, marriage is so exciting and weddings are fun. I think a lot of us aspire to get married one day too.

Ashton: I think it's so cool how you're taking the SATs and going to school in the USA. You go, man! I also think it's awesome how you're in so many sports and have so many friends on your team. Good luck achieving your dreams with hockey and lacrosse!

Michelle Zhou said...

Jared: it's so awesome to see people actually trying to accomplish their dreams rather than just wishing. Good luck with your SATs and getting into the college of your choice!

Colin: wow - your video was super well made! It was really entertaining but it still had all of the bucket list items. I enjoyed the comedy in it. I love how it was filmed all in one shot and you had all the props. Woop woop. But hey, good luck with playing college lacrosse as well!!

Harrison Johnson said...

Cody- your now what was great, Hahahahaha that's exactly how I would have done it. It's sick how you been to the grey cup something I can only dream about.

Bethany Rempel said...

Colby: I really wd liked your video. It had some humor to it but you ha a lot of good things on your lost. I think your now what is really cool I hope you can accomplish it one day.

Kenny: your video was really unique. I hope you can go back to Africa someday and see your family.

Carly: I really liked the music in your video. Also I think at sweet that you wanna go zip lining. I've done it before it's awesome. It's really awesome that you're gonna be able to go snow boarding next week and cross that off your list.

Ashton: I like that your video had a lot to do with sports, it sounds like you're really passionate about it and it's awesome that you're taking your SATs soon. I also enjoyed the video of you singing at the end.

Jared: you had a lot of cool things on your list. It's really awesome that you might be playing college lacrosse in the states.

Colin: I really loved your video! It was so well done and really entertaining. You obviously put a lot of work into shooting that video and it was really well done.

Cody: your video was really awesome. I loved your now what and how you have a whole plan to go see an alien!

Maddy: i think it's awesome you're gonna get to go to Brazil this aummer and learn another language and meet your boyfriends family.

Michelle Zhou said...

Cody: I like how you're not afraid to dream big, like going to Area 51! You're very imaginative and that's something to be proud of. I hope you get to check off all of your bucket list items one day!

Bethany: I like how you had unique bucket list items and included me (; One day we will get matching tattoos. You'll accomplish everything one day, you go giiiiirl! You'll get your black belt eventually and then you can beat everybody up.

Madelaine: going on a hot air balloon ride is also something I want to do! You and your boyfriend are adorable and I think travelling with a significant other would be so much fun! That's awesome how you're going to Brazil soon, have fun and make sure to take tons of photos!

Casey raback said...

my grade 12 bucket list on my blog

Sammy Cooper said...

Chelsea: That's so cool that you want to live in Australia, I've dreamed of going there too. When did your boyfriend come from Australia?