Monday, 16 September 2013

Reading Tweet #2

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This week's Reading Tweet is slightly different from last week.  Once again you will be composing 5 tweets about your reading on Friday, but this week you must include at least three of the following hashtags in your tweets, in a meaningful way:


Your first tweet should once again introduce your book and current page of reading:

Where'd U Go Bernadette (123) My #favquote so far "Hello, can I help you with something?  If not please step aside because I'm going to kick the **** out of life" (100)

And your subsequent quotes will include questions, comments, and/or predictions, as well as content related to the above mentioned hashtags:

!- Love how the above quote shows the chutzpah Bernadette used to have. Clearly something has changed. But what? #prediction

"If you don't create, Bernadette, you will become a menace to society" She already is! I think this is one reason for her lost chutzpah. #comment #bigidea

This book is written like a puzzle, Bee is collecting the e-mails, paperwork and personal accounts that document her mother's breakdown #writingstyle

Bernadette has outsourced a PA from India.  I think the PA becomes and important part of the plot, b/c she has access to lots of B's personal info #foreshadowing

Don't forget to post your tweets in the comment section of this post! All tweets should be posted by tomorrow.  You will also need to check back by mid week to add your replies to your classmates posts.


Michelle Zhou said...

Sticky Fingers (pg 173) hasn’t gotten to the climax/nothing has been revealed yet.. - #bigidea coming up soon? Suspenseful #writingstyle?

Courtney is losing a lot of weight & it's quite noticeable.. Why/how? Why isn't Jenna doing something about it? #eatingdisorder? #question

This book isn't very creative.. Same thing keeps happening over & over.. When will there be a #plottwist?! #comment #impatient >:(

Lots of tension b/w Scott & Jenna - If they don't work it out, I sense a breakup on the way.. #foreshadowing #prediction #breakupssuck

People who have been in a relationship; do you try to work it out or just run away from your probs like Jenna seems to be doing? #discuss

Cody Calcutt said...

#Insurgent is getting to being a go book one of the girls were fighting with Peter about a hard drive he stole ( 58)

#romance (59-66) one of the workers gave Beatrice a drug call peace drug she fell in love with some one

#conflict(59) Beatrice was talk about the past with Peter and her when she go betrayed by Peter so she shot him

#bigidea Beatrice follow Marcus into a building to get information out of him

# Whats next What is Peter and Beatrice is going to get along or they are going to keep fighting

colin said...

After reading more of tweak (40) it keeps getting harder and harder to read, I find myself feeling literally sick #disgusting #needles

One of the quotes that was hard to read was about how the main character would miss his veins and pump meth into his muscles #painful

Nic and gack say that there gunna take nic's 2500$ and try to start selling meth themselves and make a tone of money #bigidea

"It was like this horrible viscous cycle. The more I used, the more I did things I was ashamed of, and the more I had to used to never face that" #favquote

I find it disturbing how gack sells meth with his dad, not to mention his dad brings dudes back to the apartment they sell meth out of #weird

Rebecca Roger said...

Will Grayson x2 (95) When are the two Will Grayson's going to meet already?? #suspense

Which character does John Green create & write about? #johngreen #question

Its really neat when authors can co-write so similarly that you cant tell who wrote what #abovetweet #writingstyle

Tiny says to Jane that she should date Will #1. Will she listen to him? #foreshadowing? #question

Will #2 should not have lied about Isaac. Lying about things that big never turn out well... #lifelesson #prediction

Emily Neufeld said...

The Rosie Project (310) My #FavQuote "I could be mistaken for Gregory Peck in To Kill A Mockingbird... World's sexiest man." (282) #OhMy

Rosie turned Don down when he proposed because he "doesn't have the ability to love" #Conflict #Ouch #PoorGuy

I think that Rosie is going to re-think her decision to turn Don down. #Prediction

Don's willingness to change himself AND watch chick flicks for Rosie is ridiculous! #Romance

Don's life has changed so much because of Rosie! He's breaking out of his shell!(: #MakesMeHappy

Alisha Scrimshaw said...

Hate Life (93) My #lifelesson is that be careful who you are friends with and who you date.

? the #lifelesson is above, is that don't let people bring you down if your friends with them or if you are dating them. #comment

#romance. Valerie and Nick had that one connection with each other. When Nick killed himself Valerie was crushed because that was her one true love.

#timetravel. After Nick killed himself Valerie was going back and thinking about how their relationship and how wonderful it was and how wonderful Nick was to Valerie. #Comments

#bigidea. Don't let people bring you down after they thought they you wanted all thous people dead but you didn't want them to be killed. You just didn't like them and wanted to kick the *******ass

Caitlin Graham said...

Started reading go ask Alice today omg this girl is crazy. I like the journal format interesting point of view. #intro #writingstyle

I think that pushing drugs will come back to cause Alice a big problem #conflict #prediction

When alice ran away to San Francisco I was surprised and shocked. #runaway #comment

Why did roger stand up Alice in the first place. If he knew she liked him why would he? #romance #comment

Does anyone who has read the book understand the title? #discuss #title

Kellie Jeffery said...

Book Theif (69) I am starting to get attached to these characters. I like Lisel and Hans Huberman.

!- "Soon, they would both be in the war. One would be making bullets. The other would be shooting them." #sad but #favquote

"The only thing worse than a boy who hates you: a boy who loves you." hmmm... #foreshadowing ?? #romance ??

After reading how Lisel has no family right now makes me thankful for what I have. #lifelesson

?- I wonder how much money Rosa gets for washing the mayors laundry #random #question #curious

Jade Whittington said...

Season Of the Machete(55)"Mad dogs and Englishmen" refers to the fact that our sun will cook you like bacon."Beware" (33) #favquote

I love this quote/sentence bc i enjoy the simile and "Beware" makes you want to keep reading. #loveit

I think that with criminals there is no positive outcome. #lifelesson

The author James Patterson, uses a journal/diary style of writing. #writingstyle

I think the murderer Damian Rose is working with the other criminals #prediction

Alaya Smeaton said...

Tricks(203)Easy read. I love how her #writingstyle is in the format of poetry.

I still don't understand how these characters are relevant to one another. Are they all related somehow? #forshadowing

Knowing Ellen Hopkins, there's going to be a huge plot twist soon!#bigidea #prediction

These characters lead different lives, but somehow face the same #conflicts.

This book continues to get better and better!#comment

Selena Dyck said...

The Girl who Played w/Fire (220) Riveting. Excited to delve deeper into the story; it only gets more complicated the more you read.

?-Blomkvist & Salander's past #romance is Salander's only connection to the murders. What else does she have to do with them? #question

Larsson has a very informative style. He gives all the details without getting too caught up in the emotions of the characters #writingstyle

Anyone seen the film adaptation? Thoughts? I think the plot and general atmosphere would translate well to film #bookormovie

Every character has opposing opinions of Salander. People are incredibly complex #lifelessons

Amelia Duncan said...

Sloppy 1sts(55) I have yet to be entertained by Jess. She is a typical teenager- maybe as she matures the story will too? #prediction

Not liking the #writingstyle so far. Sometimes I'm laughing to myself, other times I wish I could #timetravel to when I finish this book.

Jess finds her self living in a #distopian suburb. Between her snotty friends and her crazy family, I can't tell how she survives it.

Hy is the new, exciting city girl who I think will be the missing element to the story and Jess' sad life! #foreshadowing

I may not love the story but I have never related to a book as well as I have with this one! Crazy coincidences? Hmm #gettingbetter

Amelia Duncan said...

Just reading the quotes from your book makes me want to read it! It seems like the kind of book that could keep a person thinking about everything they or don't have. I would love to know more about it!

Carly Bretecher said...

Uglies (406) Part 2 is becoming my fave part of the book! Never a moment to blink, so #suspenseful !

?- Is the "something big" the specials coming for Tally again? #question #conflictarising

!- I bet the "something big" is a helicopter, possibly driven by rusties that survived to this #dystopian era? #prediction

Why is Tally saying everything is great? You're about to betray your best friend and all of her friends! Look at the #bigidea! #comment

If you had to choose between your best friend or the thing you've always wanted, what would you choose? Let learn some #lifelessons #discuss

Carly Bretecher said...

"The only thing worse than a boy who hates you: a boy who loves you." hmmm... #foreshadowing ?? #romance ??

I love this quote! Makes so much sense!

Carly Bretecher said...

"Don's willingness to change himself AND watch chick flicks for Rosie is ridiculous! #Romance"

This sounds like the cutest book ever! A guy who will watch chick flicks for you is a pretty cool dude, right emily?!

Danielle Robak said...

Water4Elephants(59) Jacob,main character finding his way. I think. Not sure if he has a plan yet or just going with the flow. #bigidea #intro

?- Jacob throws himself into a fight. Why? Will he get thrown off the train!? #conflict #notcool

!-"Hundreds of dirty, unshaven men pour out of the train + surround it like ants on candy." pg.32 #writingstyle

!-Quote in the previous tweet really drew an image in my mind. I see the rugged looking men pouring out of the train. Excited + anxious. #quote

I haven't had a lot of time to read so hopefully I can start and enjoy my book a little more. Not able 2 compare book2movie yet. #discuss

Danielle Robak said...

Not really in the mood to read romance books these days but I really enjoy reading your tweets. The book you're reading sounds like a very cute book and I will read it for sure!

Us girls seem to like any type of romance. guys in books that are all romantic and soft are actually cute!

Kendra Smith said...

This is a really interesting book, Its written like a journal because its non-fiction! This is someones real life experiences. I suggest reading Jays Journal after this I've heard good reviews on it.

Jared Courchene said...

BZRK(69)The author has been using a great deal of detail that was very visualizing #writingstyle

There has been two sides to the main #conflict so far BZRK and Armstrong Fancy Gifts Corporation (AFGC) #comment

The Bug Man seemed to use his skills with the "nanotechnology" to make Jessica fall in love with him #romance? #brainwash

When Noah's brother lost his mind while "twitching" i think he was going after the Bug Man #predction

Regarding the top tweet i think that Noah will gain revenge for his brother #foreshadowing

Jared Courchene said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kendra Smith said...

Perks of Being a Wallflower (59) I'm loving this book! Interested to see when Brad and Patricks juicy secret will come out #title #secrets

?-Was Brad heavily into drugs and alcohol for an excuse to hook up with Patrick? Or was he just trying to escape from his feelings #conflict

"Sometimes, I look at my parents now and wonder what happened to make them the way they are" #favquote #lifeexperiences

!- Sam seems to genuinely care for Charlie, maybe they'll end up together (or is this just hopeful thinking) #prediction #romance

What exactly is a Wallflower? Why did everyone toast to him at the party when he was crying? #discussion #confused

Jared Courchene said...

Is the book a true story or purely fiction?

Brendan Bretecher said...

The Twilight Watch (84) "The stress of it would kill her, she'd just fade away into the Twilight, an insane, insubstantial shadow." #Title #favquote

Anton; in the first book, he didn't care about anyone but himself. Now, he has a family?? LOL! G-Luck! #Familyman #NuetralGood

!- LOL! Anton almost got torn apart by the vampire! Good thing Igor was there. #closecall #comment

I think the Daywatch knows something that Anton doesn't. They're acting more suspicious than usual. #Prediction #Foreshadowng

I Love this series, but I have to wonder if this book was better in Russian. #WritingStyle #Question

Ashlyn Erickson said...

Adv. of Huck Finn (pg 43) Hucks slang creates an authentic feel to the character & adds humour too #writingstyle

Cant believe Huck faked his own death, shows how 'street smart' he really is #gohuck

?- Wondering if writers ever bore themselves when writing boring stories? #boringbook #question

!- Huck has big moral conflicts, I bet he will cont. to have through out the book #conflict #prediction

This book shows Hucks struggle to find who he is, anyone know of any characters with troubles finding their own identity? #curious #discuss

Madelaine Lapointe said...

Art of Racing in the Rain(163) Can't put this book down and the tears are beginning! I really hope Denny keeps custody of Zoe#comment#conflict

Love how each chapter is a journey from past to present…Interesting because it’s through the eyes of a dog#writingstyle

#favquote is when Eve tells Enzo “I wanted you to protect me before, but I’m not afraid of it anymore because it’s not the end.”

The quote above is one of the last things Eve says to Enzo. She knows they will be alright without her#ihopeso#sad

You could really tell how much Denny loved Eve on her last night#romance Will he be ok after her passing? #question#poordenny

Emily Pedreira said...

Wither(60) "fate, i think, is a thief"(47) #lifelesson from Rhine, feeling bad for her, no one wants #sisterwives #intro

"it's supposed to encourage us, i guess. give the illusion that the world isn't ending" this gets me thinking about #dystopian novels...

?-they always take place in 1 continent, leads me to wonder what has happened to the rest of the world? i need #answers or a #spinoffbook

!-instead of escaping, i think Rhine is going to fall in love, this book could use a hint of #romance! #prediction

i love when authors use flashbacks but it can get confusing. do you think this #writingstyle is a good choice or a big mistake? why? #discuss

Emily Pedreira said...

lisel & rudy were my probably favourite characters, so incredibly cute! along with another character i'm not sure you've met yet, so i won't spoil it.... but when you do, you'll know exactly why!!

Sierra Hill said...

The Notebook(40) Fave quote since the last time I read is "Give a days work for a days pay Anything else is stealing"(26) #FaveQuote #Title

I love how the above quote shows how Noah's dad thought. I also like how Noah took it as a life lesson just as we all should! #LifeLesson

Though the meeting between Allie & Noah is going well so far, I feel there is anger built up in both & it could lead to conflict #Conflict

I wonder why after all these years Allie finally decides to visit Noah? And why didn't they try and meet again before? #Question

Up to this point the author tells the stories of 2 people. Now they have met & I wonder if the writing styles will change? #WritingStyle

Sierra Hill said...

Honestly I would choose the thing I've always wanted as long as I didn't have to hurt anybody! For example if it were my dream job, I would choose it as long as I didn't have to hurt my friend! But if they were my best friend they would understand me choosing whatever that thing may be!

Kellie Jeffery said...

I've only seen the movie and I didn't even know it was based on a book! Oops! But I really enjoyed the movie so maybe I should read it!

Jeremy Woods said...

Still reading Room (50) I thought it was funny when jack said "our friend baby Jesus likes cheeses" (26) #favquote

? - could Jack's mom and Old Nick be some sort of weird #romance? He comes every night to see her

! - I think Jack's mom may be using her body for groceries and other items #foreshadowing

I don't know if Jack and his mom are locked in a room or house. It seems like there are multiple rooms, but the #title suggest otherwise

Still not sure why Jack calls objects like they have a name. Anyone have any theories? #discuss

Kellie Jeffery said...

Now I'm excited to keep reading and meet this character! I agree, I also like Rudy!

Casey Clair said...

" Divergent is about all these different factions created into the opposite of what they believed had brought wars upon the world. #dystopian pg. 378"

"Why is Abnegation being targeted when all the factions are being at fault? #conflict"

"#favquote 'I believe in the ordinary acts of bravery, in the courage that drives one person to stand up for another' pg.207 #lifelesson"

"I feel like there's going to be the death of an important character what with all the threats and violence going on #prediction"

This book is very dystopian, does anyone think the future might be a very restricting place? #discuss

Casey Clair said...

I've only seen the movie, but it seems that a wallflower is just someone who's quiet and watchful, and I think they toasted to him because maybe not a lot of people really take notice of him so they gave him a toast to say that he was recognized by them

Bethany Rempel said...

The Night Circus (37) “’What am I bound to?’ the boy asks, frowning at the scar where the ring had been moments before. ‘An obligation you already had, and a person you will not meet for some time.’” This is one of my #favquotes #intro #mysteries

Does this so called “game” involve one of them dying? I feel as though the lack of information about what they will be doing means it’s going to be dangerous. #question #forshadowing

Isobel and Marco make such a cute couple. I feel like this is too good to be true. #comment #romance

I think they’re going to end up fighting each other. Which is definitely gonna have an effect on the whole romance thing. #ugh #conflict #predition

This book is good but I’m feeling as though it’s kind of predictable, anyone read it and agrees? Anyone reading a predictable book? #nightcircus #discussion

Bethany Rempel said...

I think it could be useful but if it keeps switching from past to present I'd probably get confused too. I think it could definitely be over done.

Erin Ross Moore said...

The Best of Me(73) I'm really enjoying this book so far. My prediction was right, Dawson and Amanda did meet again when visiting for the funeral! #intro #knewit

Did tuck plan for Amanda and Dawson to meet again when coming in for his funeral? #question

I think Dawson and Amanda's old feelings are going to come back during the time that they spend together. #prediction #romance

I'm starting to understand why the book is called "The best of me". I think it's because Dawson and Amanda bring out the best in each other. #title

I feel like this book would make a really good movie. Anyone who has read it agree? #discuss

Paige Harrington said...

The Time Traveler's Wife (57) How strange would it be to see your past or future self? #weird #timetravel #bigidea

?-how far into his future does Henry know? Does he know how he's suppose to die? #question

!-I think that Henry will go to far into the future that he'll see Clare die #prediction #ohno

I wonder if there are other time travelers in the story. Will they cross paths with Henry! #randomthought #comment

Has anybody seen the movie? Was it good? I'm interested in watching it after I'm finished the book! #discussion #bookvsmovie

Paige Harrington said...

I'm really interested in reading this book!! Other than being predictable, how is it?! Would you recommend it?

Emily Pedreira said...

i hate when i can predict books or movies, and its hard to find something that constantly keeps me guessing! but, if you haven't read them already, i would suggest the maze runner or divergent, i found they kept me surprised and into the book :)

Braxton Anderson said...

I'm still reading "Battlefield of the Mind" (64)and I finally finished the Section "Importance of the Mind". #title #intro #yay

Right now the book feel a bit repetitive but at least I'm on the right track with my mindset #goodsign #comment

The perfect quote to go along with the last couple of chapters in this book would be "Prepare for the worst, but hope for the best". #bigidea #quote

Another important idea that are in these chapters is that we need to stop making excuses about situations and try to make the best of them #Progress #excuses

Does anyone else share my Point of view when facing difficult circumstances or do you have another way? If so what,how,and why do you do it? #Question #discussion

Robert Stephenson said...

Valient Modern Tale Of Faerie(101)Really loving it #intro

Finally found my favorite quote on page 41 "What about faeries?,Faeries as in.....Monsters Dave Snickered"

I love the way The author explined the hair around the razor
"the razor choked the razor".#Writingstlye#author

I love how this book explains creepy settings and monsters.

I really hope this book has an sequel.Does anyone else have an book with an sequel to it?#discuss#questions

Selena Dyck said...

John Green wrote the odd-numbered chapters and David Levithan wrote the even-numbered ones. I agree, it's cool that their writing styles are so similar!

Selena Dyck said...

I think I would get really freaked out if I saw my past or future self! I don't even know what I'd do. If they hung around for a while I'd probably get really annoyed with them though.

Shelby said...

the perks of being a wallflower (92) anyone seen the movie? which one was better? #bookormovie

“So, this is my life. And I want you to know that I am both happy and sad and I'm still trying to figure out how that could be.” #favqoute

I think Charlie will eventually get the courage to tell Sam how he feels #romance #prediction

Charlie puts a lot of thought into the smallest things I can see this creating lots of drama #bigidea #comment

When Charlie doesn't want to listen to his family bicker he goes to him room and reads.. what do you do when you want to forget about all that's going on around you? #disscus

Amelia Duncan said...

I've seen the movie and I personally loved it but I have yet to read the book though. I've always wondered how different they might be but I love the way rachel mcadams and Eric Bana interacted on film!

Rebecca Roger said...

I loooooved both the book and the movie, I think they did an awesome job of remaking the book. They were both so similar and I can't pick a favorite, which is strange for me because I almost always find the books better than the movies

Michelle Zhou said...

Same! I loved the movie equally (if not more) than the book. That's weird because you're right, books are usually better than the movies. I think the director did an amazing job of putting the book into a movie!

And to answer the last question; I usually just leave the house or go into my room and listen to music. I cannot stand hearing my family fight or yell at each other.

Michelle Zhou said...

THIS BOOK IS SO SAD, ughughughhh.

Just wait until the end, Maddy.. Just you wait..

Michelle Zhou said...

Honestly, I didn't enjoy this book as much as I wanted to. I also tried reading Jay's Journal, but I couldn't keep interest. I've heard that it wasn't actually written by a teenager and it was written by a doctor (it's cause multiple debates and controversies).

I think it's just because I don't like reading books in journal form. Let me know if you do end up reading Jay's Journal!

Harrison Johnson said...

#Title The curse of the bambino(20)

The goal was to win championships with the group of guys they had left #BigIdea

Never make a decision without knowing the possiblities of it backfiring #lifelesson

#BostonBaseball Baseball has always been the way of life in Boston from the early 1900s and the creation of fenway park was the biggest thing to happen for baseball fans, and players.

Michelle Zhou said...

I really want to tell you why everything is how it is! But then it'll ruin the whole book, aghhhh.

Let's just say that Jack hasn't left the room, so he doesn't have friends/people to interact with. The objects are the closest things to friends he has.

john chua said...

#title Tex by SE Hilton (60)

Tex(60) “Some people go, some people stay. I'm staying." #quotes

Always Stay strong#lifelesson

#Tex was published in 1979 and it was an adapted as a movie in 1982! fun facts

Taryn Wichenko said...

1. Time of my Life (117) I find it's hard to get into this story as I am not at the same life stage as the protagonist. #tooyoungtounderstand

2. I predict Jill won't be able to chnage the outcome of her present life, it will happen either way #prediction #bigidea

3. I like how Jill is writing letters about her present life during the story it keeps us connected to both timelines of her life #writingstyle

4. Definition of adage? A short statement expressing a general truth #neverknewthat

5. Given the chance would you go back in time and do it over again? Seems easer to just fix the present and leave the past #timetravel #discuss

Taryn Wichenko said...

I find it interesting that the book is in the format of poetry and yet you say its an easy read. Usually I find poetry a difficult read for me, so I'm just curious. I may have to give this book a try!

Taila Soltys said...

The Lord of the Rings (266) my #favquote” They saw a snake coiling itself to strike”

! The quote ^, they might be in trouble and might have to fight Surman. #prediction

I don’t know why they are getting under Surman skin? He has a short temper and he is very powerful #comment #conflict

This book is kind of hard to understand at points since they talk so different back than sometimes I have to look up the words I don’t know. #writingstyle

I think that this book is amazing! I love both the movie and the book. What do you guys like? #bookormovie #discuss

MsMcLauchlan said...


Cheyenne Vermette said...

Divergent (112) book is getting super addicting, having a hard time putting it down, lots of fights and suspense #conflict
How many days have passed in the book so far? How many more people are going to die? #questions #curious
I don’t like how Peter is so mean, mostly his attitude and how he beat up Beatrice during the fight even though he had to, but there’s always going to be a bad guy somewhere #sad
I think Tris (Beatrice) and Four are going to end up having a relationship of some sort, you can already feel something between them #prediction #romance
Is it better to take big risks like Beatrice did or to play it safe and stick you what you’re used to? I would say to take risks #lifelesson

Cheyenne Vermette said...

Peter and Beatrice getting along????? Never thought I'd see the day, can't wait to read if they do.

Cheyenne Vermette said...

Loved the movie! Will totally have to read the book at some point, would you reccommend it?

Cheyenne Vermette said...

Yessss definitely watch the movie!!! I loved it, but who knows, knowing how we are totally opposites, you might not like it, but I think it might be one of the movies that we agree on. (:

cindy moar said...

-Leaving Dirty Jersey(130) James Salant #title

-make smart choices,your life depends on it #lifelesson

-severely addicted to meth James declines attending rehab #conflict

the addict finds love in a hopeless place, Mya almost as lost as him #love

-James captures the audience by writing about his own terrifying experience #writtingstyle

Annika Slimon said...

Looking for Alaska: (30) Miles just got "freshied" by the weekend warriors, but it wasn't just a typical harmless prank #intro

?- What did Chip do to the w.w's to make them so mad to do that to Mile's just for being friends with Chip? #question

"My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations" #quote #johngreen #tfios

I'm finding it a lot harder to get into Looking for Alaska then it was to get into tfios. Hope it picks up! #comment

A lot of people have told me that they enjoy L4A a lot more than tfios, I can't wait to find out why, but it's just so slow #losingintrest

Katherine Gursky said...

Burned (35) is a pretty good book so far. Not too far into it yet, but the title has got me thinking of ideas of events to come already #title

I don't understand how "A" is everywhere the girls are? Maybe "A" isn't just 1 person, maybe "A" is a team of people? #bigidea #theAteam

"The liars better tighten their life jackets. A perfect storm is brewing & if they aren't careful, "A" will bury them at sea..." #favquote

"A" has so much dirt on the girls, yet does nothing? Why? #comment

I think Aria and a fire are gonna be linked up in this book because she is on the cover & the title is called "Burned". #prediction #thought

Caitlin Graham said...

I have to say I enjoyed the movie but I liked the book a lot more then I liked the movie.