Monday, 9 September 2013

Reading "Tweets"

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Reading Reflection:

Today, you will using the format of Twitter to compose "Tweets" about the post it notes you took while reading on Friday. Your reading tweets will contain 140 characters or less - ncluding spaces and punctuation. In total you will create 5 "tweets:

- An intro tweet that gives the title of the book, the page that you are currently on, and your initial reaction to the book:

The Girl i/t Steel Corset (203) my 1rst steampunk book. I enjoy the dark mystery- great change from the Dystopian fic I've been reading #intro
-Your second tweet will discuss a question (?) you had while reading:

?- Is Finley Jayne the only character with superpowers? My guess= no, there will be a group of character to soon be introduced #question

-Your third tweet will discuss a comment you had while reading:

Favourite quote so far " ___________________" (pg 123) #comment

-Your fourth tweet will discuss a prediction (!) your had while reading:

!- This is definitely going to be part of series/trilogy. Too many characters, to much conflict going on to all be resolved in 1 book. #prediction

-Your last tweet will ask an open-ended, discussion question for your classmates.

Anybody else read any steampunk? Or tired of dystopian fiction? The Hunger Games was great, but I'm tired of all the copycat books. #discuss

You will be composing these tweets on paper today in class, and tonight you will post them in the comments section of this post. You will need to post all five of your tweets, but you should also read and respond to what your classmates post.


Michelle Zhou said...

My tweets for today's reading response;

"Reading Sticky Fingers (pg 145) - such a teenage fluff read. Book cover is very risque though haha #intro #awkward #StickyFingers"

"Is Scott cheating on Jenna!? He's not even trying to keep it a secret! He's so stupid! Why would you cheat on her?! #question #angry"

"Why do guys think it's okay to pressure girls to do things they don't want to do? No means no, you idiot (character, not you) #comment #ugh"

"Courtney is showing signs of an eating disorder, I think Jenna is going to find out and shizz is gonna go down #prediction #justaguessthough"

"Who else has read #StickyFingers? What do you think about it? I feel likeit's not going to be a memorable book/on my read again list tbh"

Taryn Wichenko said...

My tweets,

"Reading Time of my Life (47) I like how it's told in first person, allows me to connect to the main character better"

"Definition of dote? Be foolishly or excessively fond of #interesting"

"Reminds me of the movie 13 Going on 30 #timetravel #backwardsthough"

"I predict after going into the past, Jill will be able to appreciate her present. #moralofthestory"

"If Jill is really re-doing her past, will it affect her future as she knows it? #timetravelisconfusing #discuss"

Emily Neufeld said...

My tweets for the day:

"The Rosie Project(53). 'Wife Wanted.' Scientists and girls, let the intrigue begin! #intro #WifeProject"

"Who is Rosie? 'Heavy-framed glasses, healthy appearance' and drops a lot of F-Bombs. #Questions #Answers"

"Fave joke: 'Its infeasible to purchase a fraction of a live lobster.' #Comment #MildJokes"

"I predict that Rosie and Don will get married after Don helps Rosie find her biological father. #Prediction"

"Has anyone read The Rosie Project? What did you think of it? What's up with Gene?? #Discuss"

Selena Dyck said...

My tweets:

"The Girl Who Played w/ Fire (107) intense book. 1/5 of the way in and there's already been a death and several attempted murders. #intro"

"What's "All The Evil?" Lisbeth keeps using this term to refer to part of her childhood. It's clear that it affected her deeply. #question"

"'...was therefore dependent on his wife...not a good position to be in if you were in the habit of abusing your wife.' (p 45) #comment #tootrue"

"Lisbeth and Mikael are definitely going to have to come into contact, now that they've vowed not to speak to each other. #prediction"

"Anybody else like to read really intense books? Or do you find them kind of exhausting, like they never stop for a breath? #discuss"

Kellie Jeffery said...

My tweets:

"Book Theif (35) So far I'm confused to who is the narrator, but I do like it. #intro"

"? What are these colours he (or she)keeps on talking about? #confused #hmmm #question"

"I like the way the narrator interrupts the story to inform us on little things. #cool #comment"

"! I predict the narrator might be helping the girl in some way but I could be totally wrong.... #stillconfused #predition"

"For people who've read this book, do you have any ideas who the narrator is? #help #dicuss"

Carly Bretecher said...

"Uglies (340) grabbed my attention the 1st line! Already sensing a different time period. #intro"

"?-Why is it called NEW pretty town? What happened to the old one? #question"

"Tally should stop complaining about being an ugly- you get all you want from your room wall! You have hoverboards! #comment"

"!-The rusties are totally the people from our era! I think uglies are just normal humans! #prediction"

"I think an author who can write from the other genders POV has real talent. Agree/disagree? #discuss"

Cody Calcutt said...

Insurgent(page33)so far as I am reading I really like the book #intro"

I wonder how the passengers got injured? #question"

The people find a new compound that could help the injured (page3) #comment"

I think that bad events are going to happen again #prediction"

What book is better, the Hunger Games or Insurgent? #discuss"

Taryn Thompson said...

A Stolen Life(85) It's crazy to read about what happens to some of the most innocent people.. couldn't imagine being in that situation #intro

Wish it were easier to get some peoples state of mind.. I wonder why it took her so long to try and escape?? #question

Really don't understand what goes through some peoples heads, kidnapping an innocent child? can't see any good coming from that #comment

I feel like no matter what happened Jaycee would have overall support from the people that truly love her.. hope she ends up alright in the end #prediction

although its easier said than done when you're not living in the nightmare how do you think you would handle being in Jaycee Dugards situation? #discuss

Shelby said...

the perks of being a wallflower(61) enjoying the book being written in letters #intro

?- will charlie tell Brad and Patricks secret?. My guess is charlie won't spill but the secret will be found out a different way. #question

I don't think it's fair for Patrick to always have to keep the secret about him and Brad. #comment

!- Charlie and his sister will have a good relationship by the end of the book #predictions

Does anyone else like to write as much letters to their friends as Charlie does? #discuss

Danielle Robak said...

Danielle Robak tweets.

1."Water4Elephants (32).Really enjoyed the movie but excited to read the book. Looking forward to see whats different.#intro #excited"

2."?-Will Jacob, the main character re-write his final exam? Im guessing he wont but I hope he does! #question"

3."I really hope the book isn't the same as the movie, Id like 2 be surprised in the end! #comment"

4.!-Part of me thinks this book will be the same as the movie. Jacob could fall in love with someone else or focus on his job. #worried #prediction"

5. I don't wanna cry during this book. But I know I will :( has anyone else read/watched Water4Elephants? #discuss"

Madelaine Lapointe said...

my tweets...

"Art of Racing in the Rain (38)-Of course I'm reading a book about a dog (here comes the tears!) #intro#ilovedogs”

“?- I wonder if all dogs think like humans #curious#question”

“How the world would change if dogs could talk #comment”

“Maybe after Enzo looks back on life, he will realize all the love that surrounds him #prediction”

“Does anyone else find when a book involves a dog, you can barely hold back the tears?!#goingtobawl#discuss"

Paige Harrington said...

1. The Time Traveler's Wife(29)- it got my attention right away and I already love the characters. Although the story is pretty confusing! #intro

2. ?-How does Clare really see Henry? Does she think of him more as a friend, lover or father figure? #question

3. I love getting both characters prespectives, it makes the story so much better. #comment

4. !-I think Clare will have trouble dealing with all the different ages she meets Henry at. #prediction

5- Has anybody read this book before? Were you as confused in the beginning as I am?! #discuss

Brendan Bretecher said...

The Twilight Watch, third book in series of 4. <3 the dark setting, gritty characters, ready for some plot! #WOOTWOOT #Intro

?-Are magicians genetic? or a rare phenomenon among the Others? I Guess I"ll hv 2 find out #Questions

OMG Traitor among the others! #EndOfWorld #comment

The Others won't get discovered, the author's wouldn't plan this far ahead. #CynicalPredictions

Am I the only one left who thinks vampires are still friggin' awesome! The world's greatest predator! #Born2Kill #30DaysNight

Ashlyn Erickson said...

Adv. of Huck Finn (pg 16) So far, not very exciting. He seems like a likable character for the most part #intro

?- How old are these kids anyways? Startin' a gang & talking about robbing & killing #cray #question

He really must not like Miss Hudson if he offered her up for the gang to kill #ifneedbe #comment

!- I bet Hucks dad isn't actually dead, but the gang might end up killing him #prediction

90% of the time, I h8 books Im assigned in class, anyone else have school books they just despised and why? #discuss

Ashlyn Erickson said...

I like intense books! They keep you hooked the whole time, but I usually put them down for a bit to take a breather (just like Breaking Bad, sometimes you just gotta pause, walk out and come back when you're prepared)

Emily Pedreira said...

Wither(22)only 3 chapters in & i`m already hooked, every page keeps me guessing, great dystopian novel so far #mustkeepreading #intro

?- who are the gatherers & why are they targeting teenage girls? #creepy #gettingcrazy #question

"they, like humanity, are chemical replicas of what they should be" (pg 10) LOVE THIS QUOTE!! #comment

!- i think main character Rhine will be different, maybe she is the cure?! #plottwist #prediction

has anyone else read The Chemical Garden Trilogy? i never make it through multiple books, are they worth the read? #discuss

Rebecca Roger said...

Will Grayson x2 (38)Cheesy yet interesting so far. Enjoying it. Not expecting it to be about gays. <3 John Green! #intro

?- Are Will #1 & Tiny going to stay friends for the whole book? My guess is no, they don't seem they will make it #question

Will #1 seems like a loser since he doesn't have too many friends. He has only ever spoken 4 words to his "4th bff" #comment

!- Both of the Will Graysons will end up impacting the others life in some way #prediction

Has anyone else read this book and found it as cheesy as I do? #discuss

Jared Courchene said...

My tweets yo:
BZRK (42) The first few chapters never explain a clear plot yet but it is getting more interesting.#intro

? I wonder if Noah will become a "twitcher" like his brother?

"Tell me something, Noah. Which is more important: freedom or happiness?" "You can't be happy unless your free," Noah said. (41) dope quote.#comment

I think the "Bug man" in the book will actually Noah's friend because they are the same age. #prediction

Has anyone else read this book because its not bad but i am skeptical.. #discuss

Alaya Smeaton said...

Tricks(45) her words are so powerful they continuously pull me in! #intro

?- how are all these characters related to one another ? #question

I love how there are different people telling different stories all going on at the same time #comment

!- there will be something common within these characters #prediction

Has anyone read Ellen Hopkins ? Her material is so raw. Not your average teen novel! #discuss

Amelia Duncan said...

Amelia's tweets
1) Sloppy Firsts(24) A pretty slow start, like many books I've read before. I really do hope it picks up a bit (or alot). #hopingformore #intro
2) I'm not sure whether or not I'm intrigued by the title or turned off by it, Sloppy firsts of what? Boyfriends? Make outs? Or more? #question
3) People like Manda, Bridget, and Sara are my least favorite type of people to deal with. Poor Jess has got some major B****es on her hands #comment
4)Marcus is such an odd ball and not Jess' type but I think he will play an important role in telling Jess' story later on. #prediction
5)Does anyone else find it dificult to keep reading a book that's started slow? I'm having trouble RN. Any tips? #discuss

Jeremy Woods said...

Started reading Room (22) today. I kind of like it, but not sure where it's going. Seems like a mom and son are locked in a house together. #intro

? - Why does Jack keep calling objects like they have a name? Maybe a lack of social interaction #question

I've found that Jack and his mom use household items to amuse themselves and only get 1 new item a week. #weird #comment

! - Kinda thinking Old Nick could be the person who delivers their "Sunday treat" but still unsure why they're locked in a house #prediction

Anyone else red this book? One of the first books in a while I'm actually interested in #room

Bethany Rempel said...

The Night Circus (12), interesting start to this fiction novel, not sure if I'm a fan yet. The story has potential though. #intrigued #magic #mystery #intro

Did Celia's mother commit suicide? Is that why she showed up at her father's doorstep? #abandoned #confused #question

Lots of motifs used in this book. I like the imagery, the author is very descriptive. #paintingpictures #imagination #lights #colour #comment

Celia definitely has some kind of power. My guess; telekinesis. #powers #magic #shizgonnagodown #prediction

Anyone else read this book, or a fan of fiction and mystery? I think it could be good. #fiction #discuss

MsMcLauchlan said...

"I think an author who can write from the other genders POV has real talent. Agree/disagree? #discuss"

I love this observation! Tell my why you think this is. . . Anyone else out there agree/disagree? Guys, vould you write from the perspective of a girl? Girls, what about you (vise versa)?

MsMcLauchlan said...

Why do animals make us so emotional?

I actually had to stop reading this book, because I didn't want to cry in class in front of my students. Picked it up again later on Christmas break when I could cry at home without an audience!

MsMcLauchlan said...

"they, like humanity, are chemical replicas of what they should be" (pg 10) LOVE THIS QUOTE!! #comment

Great quote, what does it mean to you?

CJ said...

casey raback
the cole protocol (68) a good halo book sometimes confusing but it's a interesting to read #intro

?- why cant the UNSC use more Spartans than marines my guess is b/c the spartan homeworld of reach was destroyed #question

so far a great read must read more later #comment

!-the spartans should sooner or later attack the covenant and save the people of the asteroid #prediction

anyone else enjoy halo books? Or just need a new read aliens was great just need new book #discuss

Sammy Cooper said...

My tweets:

Stitches (257) is a bit confusing, but I like how more elements are added to the storytelling method as David learns the truth #intro

?- What's up with the fetus jars in the hospital? That's pretty messed up; I'd be pretty freaked out too #creepy #question

Wow, David's parents are harsh. It really kinda seems like no one loves him. #depressing #comment

!- I think David is about to do something big, maybe run away or something. I mean, he just found out his mom doesn't love him #prediction

What would you do if you had a vocal chord removed and couldn't speak anymore? #discuss

MsMcLauchlan said...

Which of your senses would be the hardest to lose? Sight, sound, hearing, speaking . . . Why is that sense so important in your day to day exsistance?

Caitlin Graham said...

The giver (89) I like the futuristic feeling as well as the mystery to the book. #intro

What do they mean when people get released from the community? #question

People in the community are very careful of word choice. #comment

I think that the old receivers story will have to do with the rule that your are not allowed to ask for a release #prediction

Has anyone read the books following this one? #discuss

Katherine Gursky said...

Looking for Alaska (19) is a quirky yet intriguing story (so far), but I'm in love with John Green's way of writing! #intro

?- Why does Miles leave his school in Florida to go to boarding school in Alabama? Did something happen at school? #question

After falling in love with another one of John Green's books, "The Fault in Our Stars", I have very high expectations for this book #comment

!- Miles' talks about finding his "Great Perhaps", and I think it will end up being this girl, Alaska #prediction

They're making his other book "The Fault in Our Stars" into a movie. I wonder if they'll make a movie about this book? Would ya see it? #discuss

Kendra Smith said...

The Perks of being a Wallflower (29) suicide as the first topic... depressing! Very interesting book, excited to read more #intro

?- Is this whole book as sad as the beginning? 1st is Michael committing suicide, now domestic violence. My guess- yes (Im hoping not) #question

"We accept the love we think we deserve" (24) thought provoking line #truth #comment

1- Sam and Patrick don't seem like good news. Is Charlie going to go down the wrong path? #predictions

Seriously though, who the heck is Charlie writing all these letters to! Does anyone know? #discuss

Braxton Anderson said...

My Tweets for today's reading response;

"Battlefield of the mind" (pg.30) I felt it would be a "preachy" kind of book, but as I read more and more it actually talks about how thoughts can influence our lives. #intro #Thoughts

"Strife?" Angry or bitter disagreement over fundamental issues; conflict. I don't know why but whenever I see that word I think of Aatrox XD. #Question #League of legends #Aatrox

My favorite quote so far "Where the mind goes, the man follows" (pg.21) #great quote #foodforthought

My Prediction is that the author will give examples of how "unhealthy" and/or "bad" thoughts affected her life. #Dark #unhealthy #bad

So can someone have a positive life and a negative mind? Do thoughts have a large influenced on how our lives go? Personally I think they do. #deepthinking #the mind #life

Taila Soltys said...

The Lord of the Rings (227) I enjoy this book so far, I love how when you first get into it that they are alraedy going on an adventure. Very excited to read more #Intro

? Is the rest of the book going to have anymore amazing or shocking parts, Why is Saruman trying to destory everything just for a ring #quesions

" We are taking the hobbits to Isenguard " The hobbits are so cute #small #comment

! There is so much conflict, is there going to be more serious conflict... is there going to be a lot of people dying #predictions

Whats so important about the ring.. Does it control the power of people ? Am I the only one that has been reading these books so far #alone #discuss #amazing

James Cowdery said...

Tweets for reading response 1;

Tortured 4 Christ(35) was a book I had sitt'n around my bedroom and until recently just sat there. It has a powerful message to Relay! #intro

A lot of accounts of people going to great measures to get the message out, but, will it last forever?!?! #question

My favourite quote in the book is quoted from another! "Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be made white as snow"(Isaiah 1:18) #comment

If it is happy now than it foreshadows something sad to appear soon. I think a whole lot of people are about to be found out! #prediction

Has anyone else read Tortured for Christ?, or something similar? Did it change you? #discussion

Erin Ross Moore said...

"The Best of me"(32). I like how the book is written in present time along with flashbacks. Makes it more interesting! #intro

?-Is Amanda going to get a divorce with her husband at some point in the book? I hope so. #question

Dawson's family is made up of criminals and has a terrible reputation, yet Dawson turned out so different. #comment

!-I think Dawson and Amanda are going to meet again at the Funeral. #prediction

Does anyone else love reading books by Nicholas Sparks? #discuss

Michelle Zhou said...

Let me know how the book is! I'll read it after you if it's really good! I love unique fictions.

Michelle Zhou said...

SUCH a good book! I borrowed it from the library & bought my own copy right after. It's super interesting & the ending is so intense/crazy! Just wait for it.

Also, don't worry.. There will be clues hinting you into how they got there. I totally recommend this book, though!

Harrison Johnson said...

Reading the curse of the bambino, it’s really interesting and I am about done the first chapter

Michelle Zhou said...

I love reading Ellen Hopkins! Her books are so real and I love how they're not sugar-coated. She tells it from a realistic point of view and it can get quite disturbing, but hey, that's life right?

Michelle Zhou said...

Honestly, I didn't really like this book as much as most people.. Maybe I just wasn't in a "reading" mood. Let me know what you think! I might reread it. I found it very blah, I think.

Michelle Zhou said...

I LOVE LOVE LOOOOVE this book! It's my favourite.

Dog books are my favourite haha. You'll probably end up crying a lot, just a warning! I absolutely bawled at the end, my copy of the book is probably stained with my tears.

Michelle Zhou said...

I enjoyed this series, it was really cool! The hype from everyone was annoying, though. Let me know what you think! I love Scott's (is that the author?) writing. It's so unique and I think it's awesome that he can write from different POVs.

Robert Stephenson said...

"Valiant Modern Tale Of faerie"(35)its not bad escalades very quickly at certain points.#Intro

Why does the author switch between Val and Valerie its really confusing for an couple pages an still catches me off guard.#Confusing #Question

After catching her mom and boyfriend in the "act" Val runs away what will she do next will she start stealing will she go back and murder them i wonder.#Spoiler's #Prediction

I love how she did not say anything to her mom or ex and just ran away just like 'scerw em'#Comment

Anyone else's book escalate this quickly with the first chapter? #Discussion

SteffanNuytten said...

Letting Ana Go (Pg 27) by Anonymous. this book is off to a very slow start.. mostly getting to know about the characters still.#lame

#IMLT my book is off to a good start, and im hoping it picks up soon. #hatestartingbooks.

? the main characters mom walked in the room and their dad stopped goofing around and served her breakfast w/o a smile. what happened? #parenttroubles

! Jill isnt eating much. bites of an owlet & sharing fro-yo. i think she has an eating disorder #worried #prediction

has anyone else read this book? when does the story start to pickup? how did you like it? #discuss

SteffanNuytten said...

"Anyone else's book escalate this quickly with the first chapter? #Discussion"

no sir, but i wish it did. i hate going halfway into a movie or book before anything starts to happen.

Carly Bretecher said...

"Does anyone else love reading books by Nicholas Sparks? #discuss"

Love, love, LOVE nicholas sparks!! Safe haven is one of my faves by him, and if you've seen the movie, the book is a million times better!

Katherine Gursky said...

You'll love the book! In my opinion the book is better. If you cried during the movie, oh boy... Prepare yourself for the waterworks!

Jeremy Woods said...

I think sight would be the hardest sense to live with out. I think it would be difficult to live with having to imagine everything without an actual visual.

Taryn Wichenko said...

The book is based around sad stories but it's not to say the whole book is sad. There are lots of humorous moments yet to come. That's what makes this book so good!

Casey Clair said...

"Divergent (99). Really interesting if you're into dystopian books w/ a conflicted main character #intro"

"?. Tris has joined the Dauntless, but how does being Divergent fit into her story?"

"I really lovr Tris's character. She is more different than anyone else which maybe is what makes her divergent #comment"

"!. I can see Tris's mother visiting her despite most in her faction seeing her switch as a betrayal #prediction"

"Has anyone read any other dystopian books? I've already read the Hunger Games and am now reading Divergent"

Carly Bretecher said...

"Does anyone else find it dificult to keep reading a book that's started slow? I'm having trouble RN. Any tips? #discuss"

I definitely understand what ya mean! Focus on the way the author writes and keep optimism as your goal! Just keep hopinh that there will be a big finish!

Casey Clair said...

I saw the movie and hope to soon read the book. It hasn't said but I think he has written those letters to the friend he might wish to have

Kendra Smith said...

I love love love this book! I'm almost finished it (I'm reading it at home) I'm pretty sure the narrator is death... But I'm not 100% positive.

Danielle Robak said...

Slow starts are the worst! I find the books i read take a long time to get going and make it difficult to stay interested. After reading your post im not sure how i feel about this book! I hope it picks up and gets better.
Let me know if your book gets interesting, maybe ill read it!

Kellie J said...

I agree with Michelle! I honestly didn't like this book as much as I thought I would! I found it super cheesy and I didn't enjoy the writing style. I love John Green but I wasn't a huge fan of this book.

Ashlyn Erickson said...

I read it a couple years ago, and really enjoyed it. I wonder if I'd enjoy it as much if I read it now. I've read other David Levithan books before, and they are incredibly cheesy, I think it's just his style.

Michelle Zhou said...

I haven't read this book, is it a memoir? Sounds interesting, I haven't read many Christian books. Let me know how it is! I'm in the process of reading "Mere Christianity", is it similar to your book at all?

Caitlin Graham said...

i dont think it mentions in the book. but i dont think it really matters and you will enjoy the book anyway.

Caitlin Graham said...

when i first read because of winn dixie i cried so hard. i dont know what it is but all books about animals make me really sad.

Paige Harrington said...

I love John Green and I really wanted to read this! It seemed like a very interesting book. Keep me updated on what you think of it!

Rebecca Roger said...

"Has anybody read this book before? Were you as confused in the beginning as I am?! #discuss"

I haven't read this book before, but I have seen the movie and I can agree that it was confusing. A hard concept to wrap your mind around, but it's a good story!

Erin Ross Moore said...

I also enjoyed how the book was written in letters! I think you'll really like this book.

Jared Courchene said...

I could see a movie come out of this book because i love John Green's writing style!! :)he is so smart and awesome

Alaya Smeaton said...

i love this book and in my opinion i think the movie is just as good, which is hard to fine often when they make a movie based on a book. i love the idea of writing letters because its so much more meaningful, but in this generation with all the technology its pretty uncommon :(

Shelby said...

I would definitely go see a movie based off of John Green's book. I can't wait for The Fault in Our Stars to come out!

Jared Courchene said...

If the book is titled Water4Elephants why dont they just give the elephants some water cause they must be thirsty silly :)!!

Justice Tait said...

"I am reading The Valley Of Horses, it has a pretty interesting story line that grabbed my attention after the first few pages! #intro"

"?.Ayla and Jondalar have very different stories, how will their stories connect later on in the novel?"

"Ayla has been my favorite character in this novel, she is a one of a kind girl. I can't wait to see what happens to her later on in the story! #comment"

"!. I could imagine that Jondalar and Ayla meet up later on in the novel. I think they might end up being mates, and falling in love with each other #prediction"

"Has anyone ever heard of the "Clan Of The Cave Bear" novels? if not you should really read them if you are interested in the early history of mankind #discussion"

Alaya Smeaton said...

i read this book forever ago and i totally agree, its quite confusing! i had to reread it to understand the main concepts. even then though i was still a little confused but i loved the story!

Colby Kiss said...

Ok so first of all i just want to say your words really spoke to me, life changing if i might say myself. and second dibsies on reading next ! :)

Taila Soltys said...

"Do thoughts have a large influence on how how lives go" I feel that's a true statement. I think our thoughts is what control the actions we do and what we say in life.

Justice Tait said...

This book looks great, i just googled it. Not a bad pick (y) you really need to post the rest of your tweets ahaha

Jared Courchene said...

Kathy, just want you to know i also cried very hard during the movie would you recommend the book to me? let me know asap :)

Madelaine Lapointe said...

I loved this book! At the beginning I was thinking the same thing as you but keep reading because it definitely gets better! Like Taryn said, this book has many parts where you'll find yourself laughing. Sam and Patrick seem a little strange at first, but you'll see how they end up changing Charlie's highschool years and impact his life greatly. Enjoy!

Brendan Bretecher said...

I read a book called ``fox`s book of martyrs`` it`s a really disturbing but interesting book about a bunch of people who gave everything up for their beliefs. Really profound and intriguing.

Ashton fogarty said...

retweeted by dirty dan

The prfct shot (20) by Elaine Marie Alphin, has entrigued me and has been suspenseful right from the start #intro

What happened to this kid? whats his name? he seems to be in a hospital #tps #yoloswag

Colby Kiss said...

My tweets:

the book Stones/William Bell (13) has brought me into reading again which is suprising as I am not a huge reader. #Reborn #Intro

?- what is up with Garnet and his parents? his teachers say he has A.D.D. and other problems but his parents blow it off as if it is nothing.

This book is written weirdly there are chapters within the chapters.. #Comment #Weird

!- Garent says he has a photogenic memory and plays it off like its nothing, but I feel it will play into the story more and more as I read.

Hey class, have any of you read this book ? If so comment below and let me know !! :)

Sammy Cooper said...

I agree that it would be difficult to write from the point of view of the opposite gender, for the same reason it would be hard for me to write from the point of view of an astronaut for example; without the experience of being in their position I could never really know exactly what it would be like.

Selena Dyck said...

I love Scott Westerfeld`s books! He always manages to get you to rethink your worldview through the different societies he writes about.

CJ said...

Insurgent is a much better book to read don't read the hunger games unless your a twilight fan as well shorter version is it's a love story. I don't like it. but if you do it is your opinion.

cindy moar said...

LeavingDirtyJersey(30) so far so good

scared of needles?still shoots up..


James will defeat his addiction.

name heathly addictions?#discus

Jade Whittington said...

Reading Season Of The Machete (27) I enjoy thriller/mystery books. #fav #intro

Why did the character Cuban kill these innocent American newcomers? I think there's a story behind it. #question

Favourite quote so far " What they can't quite see is that Damian Rose is smiling in triumph." (5) #comment

I predict that it is going to take the investigators a while to find Damian Rose. #prediction

Has anyone else ever read a thriller/mystery book? I think Christopher Pike is my absolute favourite. #discuss

cindy moar said...

if you like dystopian novels you should really read 'matched' by Allie Condie , it's beyond interesting . A complete different way of life .

Jade Whittington said...

I really despised the Outsiders because I never really understood the true meaning or leason. I also think that the author could have described things clearer.

Alisha Scrimshaw said...

The Hate List (64)I'm going to cry because its so sad

? Valerie was going back to her and Nick's relationships. How come she was talking about how things used to be before he killed himself.

Valerie shouldn't feel so scared to go back even thou people think it's all her fault that Nick killed a handful of people.

That Valerie is gonna switch schools because she cannot take the hate anymore.

People you should read this book if you are interested in school shootings #school #shooting

MsMcLauchlan said...

Is exercise considered a "healthy" addiction?

Alisha Scrimshaw said...

Exercise can be an addiction because if you get to the point where you are working out everyday and only eating certain foods like vegetables that's not gonna be healthy. You need to have a little bit of weight on your bones just in case you get sick.

maddie swidnicki said...

My Friend Leonard(51) Perfect book so far

Does Lilly and James stay together by the end?

I like how Leonoard and James met, it was like they were meant to be friends

I think Leonard is going to be the reason for James staying sober and more importantly alive. #friendship

If intesity is your forte while reading, this book is amazing.

maddie swidnicki said...

sounds interesting seems like it would be a great read

Taila Soltys said...

*our lives go.

MsMcLauchlan said...


MsMcLauchlan said...


I've heard lots of great things about the "Clan of The Cave Bear" novels, and they've been on my "to read" list for a while. . . Might start them now as I am between books, thanks for the reccomendation!

Alisha Scrimshaw said...

It really is a good book! But you gotta watch what your reading because it changes between two things

Emily Pedreira said...

the book thief is probably one of my favourite books, and of course I know the narrator but I can't tell you because the book is 10x better not knowing! Also I have to admit, I definitely cried at some point, so just a heads up, the tears may be coming!!

Emily Pedreira said...

i started reading this book last summer, and definitely was a bit confused as well, unfortunately that turned me off of the book and i never finished reading it. i hope you have better luck!

Emily Pedreira said...

i never actually read the giver, but i have read gathering blue & the messenger multiple times! they are both on the list of my favourite books and i completely recommend them :)

Emily Pedreira said...

i would also recommend matched, as well as the maze runner! i just started the chemical garden trilogy and it's pretty interesting too! hope these suggestions can help :)

Sierra Hill said...

The Notebook! (20) Fianlly reading Nicholas Sparks! Love how there is more emotion in the book! #Intro #MoreEmotion

?- Why is the carnival scene in the book so different than the movie? I'm guessing for more romance! #Question #MoreRomance

Fave quote so far: "though you may call me a dreamer or a fool or any other thing, I believe that anything is possible" (5) #Comment #Quote

!- I have a feeling there will be many more differences between the book and movie! #Prediction #Differences

Who else has read the book and has seen the movie? Which did you prefer and why? #Discuss #BookOrMovie

Sierra Hill said...

I totally agree! I feel that when an author writes from the opposite sex POV it really shows the authors creativity and talent for writing for the audience!

colin said...
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colin said...

I chose the book tweak(20) and so far it's pretty dark, I knew the book was about meth abuse but I didn't know how vivid it would be #intro

I think that Lauren is going to die of an over dose and that her death will only push nic further into his relapse #prediction

I was wondering Y Lauren's parents would give her so much freedom knowing she's a recovering addict, it seemed very easy for her to relapse #question

There was a point in the book I really liked where nic was talking about how addicts attract to each other, it was a cool concept #comment

If find it kind of pretty unsettling trying to get into the mind of some one who abuses crystal meth, anyone else #discuss

Annika Slimon said...

Looking for Alaska(17) It always takes me a while to get into books, but I am sure I will love it because its #johngreen #intro

(?) What is this “Great Perhaps” Miles is wanting to find? Is that really why he is leaving or did something happen? #question

Miles will never find “The Great Perhaps” sitting in his dorm room alone dreaming of things that may happen and people he may meet #comment

(!) Chip, Miles’ room mate seems to be outgoing, maybe he will get Miles out and they will set out to fine there “G.P” together #prediction

The first #johngreen book I read was The Fault in our Stars and loved it! Has anyone else read it? What did you think? #discussion

Annika Slimon said...

i have never read the book though i did see the movie. i agree that the story line is quite confusing but hopefully it eventually sorts it all out for you! it was a great movie, i wonder whats better though, movie or book? usually its the book so im sure you wont be disappointed!

john chua said...

Tex(43).I kinda liked reading this book because I don't have an interest on reading novels but I'll enjoy it!! #intro

I wonder why the main characters are so tough like really they're really young? #questions

I'm kinda confused of the story because I don't know what are they talking about but i'll understand it #comment

I think that the main characters problems will be solved#prediction

The 2nd book that I read from S.E Hilton since the Outsiders.I would say this book is okay to read. #discuss

Cheyenne Vermette said...

My tweets:

“Reading Divergent (27) takes place in the future which I love – had a slow first couple of pages though, but it’s starting to pick up #intro”

“? – What does Beatrice find so bad about being part of Abnegation? That’s the faction the rest of her family is in and she wants to leave them #curious #question”

“Whoever made up these names for the factions, I am liking them – Abnegation, Candor, Erudite, Amity and Dauntless – cool or what?! Still waiting to figure out what all of them represent #interesting #comment”

“! – I think the boy who totally shoved Beatrice over is going to be appearing in the book later on and getting what he deserves #karma #prediction”

“Has anyone else read this book? Liked it? The more and more I read the more suspenseful it gets! #opinions #discuss”

Cheyenne Vermette said...

Yay! I'm happy to hear you like the book so far, since I'm reading the first one, I'm looking forward to reading this one as well! Do you think this one is better or the first one so far?

Cheyenne Vermette said...

I haven't read the book but I really want to! I saw the movie and just loved it! I'm hoping the book is just as good, if not better! Though, it's hard to imagine it being a book, since the movie had me confused at times as well! Hope it's going good!

Cheyenne Vermette said...

"Do thoughts have a large influenced on how our lives go?"
I agree with Taila, I think if we're thinking about something, then we are probably going to lean towards doing that thing.

Patrick said...

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