Thursday, 20 February 2014

Blogging Fieldtrip

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Well ladies and gentlemen, you've all been working hard to establish your own little piece of the blogosphere. In today's class we will be taking a cyber field trip. First stop, where we will be meeting with our new friends in Thompson! We'll be spending time with these lovely fellows bloggers at several points throughout the semester- starting next week when we appear as "Guest Readers" via Skype, for I Love to Read Month.

Second stop, take some time today to explore the blogs of your classmates, investigate what they've been doing, and contribute to their blogging learning, by posting comments. While everyone needs a cheerleader, please ensure that your comments are more than "great job". Instead, try ask questions, and start conversations.

?? Ms. McLauchlan- How many comments should I post? Well, you have all class! But the blogging rule of thumb is for every item you have posted on your own blog, you comment on at least two other people's blogs.


Zoe Bettess said...


This is Ms. Bettess. I am the teacher of the 3BBees. Thank you for your great comments on our blogs. Today was a crazy day and we didn't get to check them. We will reply to them on Monday. We look forward to hearing you read a story to us.

Ms. Bettess