Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Reading Assignment #2- Reading Tweets

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This week's Reading Tweet is slightly different from last week.  Once again you will be composing 5 tweets about your reading on Friday, but this week you must include at least three of the following hashtags in your tweets, in a meaningful way:


Your first tweet should once again introduce your book and current page of reading:

Where'd U Go Bernadette (123) My #favquote so far "Hello, can I help you with something?  If not please step aside because I'm going to kick the **** out of life" (100)

And your subsequent quotes will include questions, comments, and/or predictions, as well as content related to the above mentioned hashtags:

!- Love how the above quote shows the chutzpah Bernadette used to have. Clearly something has changed. But what? #prediction

"If you don't create, Bernadette, you will become a menace to society" She already is! I think this is one reason for her lost chutzpah. #comment #bigidea

This book is written like a puzzle, Bee is collecting the e-mails, paperwork and personal accounts that document her mother's breakdown #writingstyle

Bernadette has outsourced a PA from India.  I think the PA becomes and important part of the plot, b/c she has access to lots of B's personal info #foreshadowing

Don't forget to post your tweets in the comment section of this post! All tweets should be posted by tomorrow.  You will also need to check back by mid week to add your replies to your classmates posts.


Meagan Sawyer said...

divergent/insurgent (all) these books are nothing like I thought they be, they're amazing view on a different reality #dystopian

!- I totally think that there's an entire different world on the other side of the fences #prediction #bigidea

Tris insists on being upset with Tobias ever when she, herself doesn't want to be #letthelovethrive #comment #conflict

Why does Jeanine want to kill all of the Divergent? They aren't don't mean to harm the system #question

What do you guys think that they're hiding on the other side of the fence? #discuss

Megan Pelissier said...

Before I Fall (pg 59) this book is continuing to show typical teenage life (in a way) which makes it more relatable for me. #writingstyle

!-Lindsay drinking and driving causes Sam's death. She's the driver for the party; she 'can't feel' alcohol #prediction #foreshadowing

The girls call one teacher the Nicotine Nazi because she finds kids smoking and gives them three detentions. Lol. #comment #lifelesson

?-Do Ally's parents know they're drinking in her bedroom? They were drunk when they left the house.. Do they even care? #guessnot #question

The fact that they're drinking and driving makes me mad. Did they not have to sit through those presentations in school? #butreally #dumb

Alysha Cho said...

Snitch (43), I'm finding that this book seems quite cheesy and strange. The author was able to get into the mind of a teenager well #Writingstyle #Intro

"dad hadn't thought 1 crooked eye-tooth justified the cost of braces." #favequote Agree! It's Y mom is paying for my braces. She wanted them, not me #comment

?-"I was mad surprised when Eric Valienté ended up in Ms. Ivey's period 6 class." How did I manage to not predict this? #question

!- Judging by Eric's reaction on page 23-24, I think he's part of either the Blood or Crips. #Forshadowing #Prediction

The main character seems very stubborn, do any of you deal with stubborn people on a daily basis #discuss

Alysha Cho said...

Hey, I was in a situation where all the possible drivers decided to have a drink each when we went out to BP. Obviously I wasn't going to get into a car with them so I just simply told them I'd bus home and they all flipped out on me because I was being "irrational" and "picky".

Jasmine Baker said...

The Spectacular Now (53) The #title does not seem to work well with the book at the point I am at right now... nothing spectacular about it. #intro

?- If you don't have high expectations is there really a point in having expectations? #lifelesson #question

Does not look good on your part if you're having a moment with a different girl and your girlfriend walks in. #comment

!- Sutter is going to realize she really was the girl of his dreams. #romance #prediction

Anyone else have a significant other that has a hard time listening? #discuss

Thomas Groom said...

Having just experienced the ambush the kid and his company just did I can see why it's called Blood Meridian(58) #gruesome #intro #title

The language and slang used is authentically southern but not incomprehensible #racialepithets #writingstyle

The kid and company were just ambushed by camanches in a scene I can only describe as too grisly for film #conflictsaplenty #toogrisly

"They set forth in a crimson dawn where sky and earth closed in a razorous plane"CrimsonDawn=Blood Meridian #title #favquote #foreshadowing

Do you find brutal violence more disturbing when it's depicted on the big screen or in a book where it's up to your imagination #discuss

Bruna Barcelos said...

! - Absence of the Hero (30%) the #title has double meaning but really makes sense. Feeling that I’m going to love more my fav author #prediction

Bukowski puts poetry in everything and it’s not something that you can see, but you can feel it when you’re reading. #writingstyle #comment

? - Love for him is simple as drinking beer, he fall in love and forget so quickly. But I wonder if he really forget about every woman #question #romance

“I like beds, I think that the bed is Man’s greatest invention” totally agree!! #favquote

Is love the best topic for/of poetry? #discuss

Ben Stevens said...

What is The Judge doing with his spare time? Maybe he's got great plans for the future? Sounds like a treasure hunt. #bigidea

From what I've read of The Summons, they often mention The Judge's pride in his heritage and how family is so important to him. Will the constant bringing up of the family's heritage be related to coming events or have some events involving the family's heritage already been set in motion? #foreshadowing

(Beginning of Chapter 2) I wonder if the Judge's health will become an issue? #conflict

Forrest and Ray are summoned by there father at the beginning of the book but I have a feeling that something else may be "summoned" in the coming future. #title

Family is the most important thing you will ever have. Never let yourself become a Forrest and Ray. Forrest being a live-life-to-the-fullest-in-the-moment kind of guy, struggling with addiction causing him to be separated from his family and Ray, a pretentious school teacher who's given up on keeping his brother close. #lifelesson

Veronica Kibalnik said...

1. Just Listen (page 40) Sarah Dessen is my favourite author and this book has been very interesting so far. #intro

2. Will Annabel continue with the modelling throughout the whole book? #question

3. This book has enough #conflict going on that it could be made into a movie. #BookorMovie #comment

4. Eventually this book will have something to do with title. #JustListen #Prediction

5. I think this book has potential to develop a cool plot twist. #Discuss

Maslen Johnston said...

I can honestly say that I can be pretty stubborn.. I'd like to think that I am openminded but I'm also very set in my ways

Maslen Johnston said...

Scar Tissue (297) Kiedis' commentary on his own life in RHCP is incredibly detailed and expresses a strong voice #writingstyle #intro

Although Anthony is now clean, I predict he will relapse after J.F. leaves the band #prediction

"I felt I had thrown away so much in my life, but I also felt an unspoken bond between me and my city." (265) +ve spin! #favquote #comment

What does the word chutzpah mean? It seems to be appearing for me a lot lately #question

Even after one quits using, addiction never leaves them. Does the struggle get easier? What is it like for the addict? #lifelesson #discuss

Anonymous said...

Dearly devoted Dexter page 292"I like fishing, Dexter"-Cody Bennett

That quote was from a 10 year old after twice stabbing a fish he caught #psycho

"I've always wanted to see Havana" #darkjoke considering how a police officer was just kidnapped and taken to Cuba

#writingstyle where everything is first person couldn't translate well to TV show or movie #orcouldit

I wonder if doakes is still alive, and how intact he is #questions

Ian Preston

Jenni F said...

The Fault In Our Stars (pg297)I really enjoy the way John Green writes. #johngreen #writingstyle

!-I still have not found out if my last predictions are true, I need to keep reading to find out #prediction

I think Gus and Hayzel are so cute. I cannot wait for the movie to come out in the summer #comment #romance #bookormovie

When is Gus going to get really sick? Does it happen fast? Will Hayzel be okay without him? #question

What is the best part of this book? Why was it so great? Do you think the author did a good job with keeping the reader attached? #discuss

Karli Wishnowski said...

Along for the ride (164) "Just something's you have to do no excuse or rationale necessary." #favquote

Nothing will every be good enough for Auden's mom. There will always be #conflict. #comment

! - Heidi will grow tired of her husband not helping with Thisbe and will snap! #comment

? - Will Auden or Eli ever go back to "normal" again? #question #romance

Have you ever had to deal with a crazy ex? #discuss

Karli Wishnowski said...

I think most or all of Sarah Dessen's books could be made into movies because they're so good, and usually have a good lesson in them!

Jenni F said...

@MeaganSawyer: I think they have a whole other world behind the fence. How cool would that be?! I love fictional books, they let you believe things that we would never have even thought of.

Kira Stroud said...

The Lucky One (91) #favquote "I don't want you to go either."(44) #intro

! - I love the above quote because later on, something happens to Bens dad. #forshaddowing #comment

? - I wonder when Logan is going to tell Liz that he came to find her because he found a picture of her that saved his life #romance #foreshaddowning

I still don't know if Liz, the girl in the picture, is Logans dream girl! Gotta keep reading #comment #prediction

Do you think Logan and Liz will end up together? #duh it's Nicholas Sparks #discuss

Kira Stroud said...

@meganpelisser I have a feeling that they only starred showing those presentations recently because of our generation being more careless with drinking and driving than the last.

Mark Taylor said...

The Twilight Zone(Ghost of Ticonderoga)(28)Rod Serling one of my fav writers this story is really slow paced

!- Inverawe will end up getting killed "Blood must be shed for blood" #Prediction #foreshadowing

This story doesn't feel on par with other stories on the tv show #bookormovie definitely movie/show #comment

?- Curious to find if there will be a #lifelesson at the end that the twilightzone stories usually have

"Blood must be shed for blood" do you guys agree with something like this? #discuss

Ben McMahon said...

Forgot to comment on here, so here are my reading tweets.
1. Started a new book "A Brave New World" (30) about a dystopian future obsessed with cloning.
2. !-Crazy how they are so non-nonchalant about artificial breeding of humans #weird
3. The head of the cloning plant seems to like control and power #possibleantagonist #prediction
4. ?-Where will this artificial life become an issue, and how will the system react?
5. "Major instruments of social stability. Standard men and women; in uniform batches" #favquote

Taryn Lucas said...

Swipe (70) This book and it's characters are really starting to grow on me, I can't help but like a goodn#dystopian novel.

!- Logan and Erin are starting to figure things out on their own, it's only a matter of time until they start to work together. #prediction

"She was foreign, somehow. Different. Better. She was beautiful. " Aw Logan's got a crush on Erin. #puppylove #romance #comment

?- Erin's dad got sent to Spokie to deal with "Peck and the markless threat." Who's Peck? What do they mean by markless? #question

Does anyone else ever get the feeling that dystopian novels all mainly have the same type of #conflicts in them? #discuss

Taryn Lucas said...
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Taryn Lucas said...

@Bruna Barcelos

I think love is an easy topic for poetry because it can be felt in so many different ways and expressed in so many different forms. It's a relatable subject for most.

Ariane Ruiz said...

Illuminate (61). Favourite quote so far, "Ofcourse they'll hookup. It's a reality show; toss a bunch of people in one place." #favquote

"They weren't all over each other, it was just a kiss." Oh. I definitely smell a love triangle. #prediction

I sense a really bad vibe coming off of Lucian, his name definitely fits well. #evil

Does Haven not find it weird that none of her coworkers even dare to strike up a conversation? #question

She hates jewelry yet she wears that wing necklace. #foreshadow

Megan Luff said...

The Fault in our Stars - "You know, like when you look in the mirror and the thing you see is not the thing it really is" (59) #favquote #intro

I love the above quote because it relates to everyone. We all tell ourselves things that aren't always true. #comment

Both Hazel and Augustus racing to finish their books in order to talk to each other. #romance

What's happening to Isaac? -Afraid something bad is going to happen to him. #question #prediction

Hazel having a hard time balancing a social life and personal life. #conflict #comment

Kayla Burgess said...

Saving Max #title (87) I wonder if Maitland is actually helping Max or if being there is just making him worse? #comment

Danielle met a guy at the hotel bar, there’s #romance in the air. I definitely think they’re going to hook up #foreshadowing

The doctors accidentally overdosed Max; I sense a fighting coming soon between Danielle and those specialists #mammabearsnothappy

The #writingstyle of this book is great. Reading from the mothers point of view gives insight into the hard decisions mothers must make.

Danielle has been to focused on succeeding in her career and hasn’t always been there enough for Max.#timetochange#comment

Kayla Burgess said...

@meganluff I've heard from everyone that The Fault in our Stars is crazy good. is that true?

amanda delamere said...

First love (129) #favquote "For Gods sake, this sit a movie. This is life! Pull over!"(109)

The quote above shows how much of a good girl Axi is. Soon enough she will go to the dark side and change her ways. #prediction

We already know Axi is in love with Robinson, but does he have the same feelings as she does? #question #romance

I love how this book is written like Axi's journal cuz we get to see what she's thinking . #writingstyle

I wish I had a bestfriend to fall in love with and he felt the same way. #comment

Micayla McNaughtan said...

A House in the Sky (35) my #favquote so far "It was a small truth affirmed, and it was all I needed to keep going."

I love how Amanda Lindhout is not afraid to share her true emotions and thoughts in her memoir. #comment #writingstyle

I can relate to feeling trapped inside your personal bubble, all you want is to break out and see the real world. #lifelesson

?-I wonder what the meaning behind the #title "A House in the Sky" is?

!- I don't believe this will be the last adventure Amanda Lindhout takes. #prediction #foreshadowing

Xavier Chacon said...

2001 A Space Odyssey(64) Finished act.1 now onto act 2, i'm ready for whats next! #Scifi

People are saying that an epidemic broke out on the moon, I have a bad feeling for Dr.Heywood if what they say is true. #foreshadowing

The amount of detail explained makes me feel like im out in space when im reading. #Writingstyle

The Glowing rocks that once taught the early humans i feel may come into play farther into the book. #Prediction

For anyone who's seen the movie and read the book, which do you prefer? #bookormovie #Question

John Massey said...
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John Massey said...

Divergent so far very curious makes me wonder what the world would be like if we were split into factions what factions do you think would exist #discuss #intro

!-When Beatrice encounters the old man who says "choose wisely" I think she may choose a harder path #prediction #foreshadowing

?- Do you think she will decide on switching factions or remain in her current one #question

language so far is very descriptive the author does a great job of expressing body language in her writing #writing style

I wonder how well other factions treat transfers my guess is poorly #prediction