Friday, 24 February 2012

Blogging Homework

I've journeyed into many of your blogs this week, and have to say you've all been doing a great job establishing yourself in this new digital footprint. One thing that many of you mentioned in this week's writing reflection, was that it was a struggle to find personal additions. Please remember that when it come to adding to your personal additions, you have much flexibility so FOLLOW YOUR PASSION! You can add anything of interest, created by anybody of interest. Just remember to credit the source of the inspiration, meaning that if add you favorite song lyrics, then give credit to the band/songwriter, if you add something found on the Internet, then credit the original site where you found it. So here's your homework for the weekend:

(1) Catch up on your personal additions. On your blog or in your
WRN it's up to you. Try to add five items.
(2) Visit your fellow classmates blogs and try your hand at commenting on their postings. Create comments that are open-ended and encourage conversation.

Have fun and keep blogging!