Friday, 17 February 2012

Long Week-end "To Do" List:

Alright ladies and gentlemen,

You've got a three day week-end ahead of you.  And I am sure you wondering to yourself; "What am I going to do?  How can I keep myself productively occupied?"  Well, here's the answer!

(1) Create a comment/reply to the "Digital Ethics" posting (scroll down to the posting)
(2) Post your "Digital Footprint" doodle to your blog.  Add a description/reaction to it.
(3) Post your "Listography" doodle to your blog. Add a description/reaction to it.
(4) Explore the Cre8tive Sites links in the sidebar.  Look ---------------->
(5) Sign up for a Flickr account
(6) Sign up for a Picnik account
(7) Find a camera (cell phone camera will do) and take some pics in preparation of next week's writing.


Anonymous said...

picnik won't take any new users!

Breanne said...

Yeah I got that too! (about picnik)