Thursday, 8 March 2012

Poking the puddle

The whole Kony 2012 campaign reminds me of Spring.  It's that time of year the grass starts to poke through the melting snow, and everything seems fresh and new and growing.  But the other thing about Spring is that the melting snow causes puddles.  And they're the type of puddles you can't really see.  Is it a shallow puddle, that just barely touches the sole of your shoe? Or is one of those super deep puddles, with a  muddy bottom, that's going to flood your shoe, and wet your sock? I learned early, as a small child who had to walk one and half kilometers home from school that you needed a tool to help you navigate the puddles.  And the perfect tool was a branch.  You could then use the branch to poke the puddles to find out what was REALLY hidden beneath the surface. So today we are armimg ourselves with sticks and going out poking puddles, specifically the Kony puddle. . .

We've all seen the video, now we need to do a bit of research.  Your job today is:

- to go online and read some of the what the "critics" are saying about the Kony 2012 campaign
- then visit the Kony site

On your blog, post your response to the following questions:

(1) What are some of the legitimate concerns that critics (and you can include yourself here too) have with the campaign?
(2) Does Invisible children address these concerns.  Why/why not.  Be specific.
(3) With these concerns in mind, how are you going to participate in Kony 2012?  How should we as a class participate in Kony 2012?

** Remember this is YOUR digital footprint, you need investigate the puddle before you jump in with both feet!!