Thursday, 1 March 2012

Six Word Memoir #1- Can't believe I took this photo

Writer's Note:
I took this photo when I was in Cuba over Christmas.  Cuba is such a beautiful country.  The light creates such powerful pictures that it is nearly impossible not to take amazing shots.  This particular photo was taken in Havana, and I had no idea it would turn out to be so beautiful.  The six word memoir I selected for this photo "Can't believe I took this picture", shows my amazement and disbelief that I visited a place as beautiful as this. Especially because Winnipeg is hard place to live during the winter, as it is so cold, dark and void of colour.  This photo reminds me that even though Winnipeg may be in winter hibernation mode, it's not a permanent state.  Winter in Winnipeg will eventually pass and we will have the warmth, and colour of summer (although perhaps not quite like Cuba).  I guess you can apply that general idea to live as a whole; you may have "seasons" of dark, but this soon will pass and reveal a "season" of light.