Monday, 5 March 2012

Six Word Memoirs are DUE TODAY!!

I just want to start today's post by commenting on how fantastic it is to see everyone posting their six word memoirs.  I am a bit alarmed however, that you all tend to be at your blogging busiest between 10pm and midnight! Why exactly is that? Is that when most of you get a moment of quiet in your busy lives?  I just think that is funny that you all are busy blogging when I am usually tucked into bed for the night. . . Yes, the super-exciting life of an English teacher means you are in bed by 9:30pm . . . and possibly even asleep. . .

Moving on,  Friday's class I was away sick, and it would seem that you guys had a chance to watch my all time favourite movie, "The Goonies"! I hope that you enjoyed it.  Given that you missed your reading class I have decided to let you off the hook for this week's Reading and Writing Reflection.  So you ask, what am I to do in today's class?  See the list below:

(1) Finish posting your six word memoirs with the appropriate formatting (see posting below for clarification on exactly what this is)
(2) Take some time to pay it forward and visit your classmates blogs.  See what their six word memoirs look like, and leave some conversation-building comments on their posts.
(3) Take some time to add personal additions to your blog.  Perhaps you can take some inspiration from "The Goonies" and discuss your all-time favourite movies.

Happy Blogging!
-Ms. McL


ashleymanon said...

truthfully i am just trying to make myself tired so i do homework late at night.

Emily said...

Also, it seems that some people have their "timestamps" set in the wrong timezone...