Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Digital Footprint Doodle

Although this is a Creative Writing class, sometimes I think of it as a Creative Ways of Writing class. It is with that in mind that I introduce Sunni Brown and her passion for doodling.

In today's class what we are going to think and doodle about is the concept of our digital footprint. According to Wikipedia a digital footprint is;
  • A trail left by an entity's interactions in a digital environment; including their usage of TV, mobile phone, Internet and world wide web, mobile web and other devices and sensors. Digital footprints provide data on what an entity has performed in the digital environment; and are valuable in assisting behavioural targeting, personalisation, targeted marketing, digital reputation, and other social media or social graphing services.
  • In social media, a digital footprint is the size of an individuals online presence; as it relates to the number of individuals they interact with.
  • A collection of activities and behaviours recorded when an entity (such as a person) interacts in a digital environment. It may include the recording of activities such as system login and logouts, visits to a web-page, accessed or created files, or emails and chat messages. The digital footprint allows interested parties to access this data; possibly for data mining, or profiling purposes.
So here is your writing mission-
1. Doodle about your digital footprint! Things to doodle about:
  • Your doodle interpretation of the Wikipedia definition above
  • Doodle what your digital footprint looks like. How deep is it your footprint? What is in it? Is it "muddy"?
  • Doodle about how can you use your digital footprint as springboard to your future endeavours?
  • Doodle about anything else that comes to mind when thinking about your digital footprint