Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Personal Additions

Your blog and  WRN should be an extension of you and reflect your personality in a professional manner.  The best way to accomplish is through personal additions!

Personal additions are your chance to include items you find inspiring, interesting, and/or worth commenting on into your blog and WRN. Items that could be considered personal additions include (but are not limited to):

·      Poems/Song Lyrics
·      A list of confession
·      A list of inspirational quotes
·      “I know for sure that . . .”
·      A sketch of a character/scene from your novel
·      Consider “big questions”
·      To you, what is love?
·      What would be your priority if you wanted to repair the world.
·      What would you like to never end?
·      Write a letter to your future self.
·      Rant
·      Comment on an interesting article in the newspaper, or a magazine.
·      React to a piece of art/music.  .  .
·      Post- movie reflection
(1) Give credit where credit is due! Always credit the creator and/or original source of the item. If it is an item you found on the Internet, always add the URL of the original source, and give the name of the person who created/wrote the item. If you wrote/created it, then give yourself props! Remember, claiming someone else's work as your own is considered plagiarism!
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(2)Cut, paste and think.  Don’t leave your addition on its own; add your own commentary to the item. If you just cut and paste, the item seems random and unconnected to your blog/WRN as a whole.


Jordan Dyker said...

Today I posted a picture of a magic bullet and some song lyrics, I'm not sure what the theme of my blog is yet I guess just wait and see!

Lane said...

On my blog most of my personal additions will be postings of a mix of music and cool photos. The photos will be just whatever I'm feeling or what I see and like. Music will be music I enjoy and are on repeat on my Iphone. So far I've only posted an intro, reflection and A photo that I really liked.

Jacqueline Paquette said...

I have posted atleast 4 personal additions now. They've been song lyrics that are important to me, big things coming up in my life and other interests i have. My blog will have a lot of variety. I think a big theme of my blog will be music but i'm not quite sure. Sharing thoughts with others is important so i will probably be sharing many of mine.

Nicholas Levasseur said...
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Taylor Peristy said...

I posted some I wrote a few days ago about endings. I think for the most part my blog will feature things I have written; I really want other people to start enjoying them instead of them just sitting in a binder which I look every once in while.

Jeni T said...

So far the only thing I have posted is one of my favorite books. I hope to put up some pictures at home as well as some of my art work hopefully. I will probably continue to post photos and books because those are the two things that interest me the most.

missy levasseur said...

I posted a picture of my cheerleading team last year. Cheerleading is my favourite sport and i'm on two teams. I will post pictures of our competitions, trips and new skills

Ben Shewchuk said...

I haven't added much yet, but I am a big fan of music and movies, so I plan to post a lot about that.

Christie Balanduk said...

I'm having difficulties coming up with personal additions to my blog. I haven't added anything personal yet and the theme is yet to be seen. I'm not used to expressing myself through the internet and am having somewhat of a slow start...

Jasmine Villanueva said...

Today I posted some quotes from a few books that I really liked. I also posted a short story that I wrote a few years back when I had had some time to myself. I'm not quite sure what the theme of my blog will be, but I have a feeling it'll be a bit about music and books that I feel represent me.

Jamie said...

Today I posted about fall, since that was on my mind. I'm not too sure yet what my blog's theme will be. It'll probably have a lot of quotes and pictures that inspire me or just make me think!

Hope Gauthier said...

So far what I have posted for my personal additions post has been about my trip this past spring break to Italy. I am plannig on using this blog for showing my love for travel and my love for music. And I will also show my creative writng post aswell.