Monday, 10 September 2012

Reading Reflection #1

Welcome to your First (of many) Reading Reflections!

For the sake of organising your future blogs, I just want to  discuss some formatting details for your weekly Reading Reflection (350 words). Please title your assignment with "Reading Reflection #___" and then use the first three lines  to give info about the name of the book, author, and pages you've read this week in class. So for example your Reading Reflection assignment should look something like this:

Reading Reflection #1

Book: Lone Wolf
Author: Jodi Picoult
Pages Read: 1-35

Also,when it comes to the content of your Reading Reflection, remember to avoid retelling plot.

Instead try to use the reading strategies that we've been studying this semester. Write about your:
-General observations about writing style

** For this week you can also discuss how the act of reading felt;  Did the hour of reading on Friday just zip by? Or did you find your mind wandering?  How was using post it notes? How many did you use in the hour of reading? How could they potentially be useful?

Wondering what this assignment should look like? Check out these ones, written by former students!!/2012/04/reading-reflection-7.html!/2012/03/readingwriting-reflection-4.html