Monday, 1 October 2012

Reading and Writing Reflection #4

Reading Reflection (250 words):
Use your post it notes to help you create a posting where you discuss your reading progress last week.

- Your reflection should be in full sentences/paragraphs, and focus on your questions, comments, predictions and text connections.

- Please don't retell the plot of your novel, instead react to it.

Writing Reflection (200 words):
Your 6 "Six Word Memoirs" are due tomorrow, so let's take a minute to reflect on the process!

- How did it go? Was it an "easy" or "hard" assignment? Why?
- What did you learn about this microform of writing?
- What surprised you about the project?
- Which part of the project did you prefer? Writing the words or creating the visuals? Why?
- What did you learn about yourself as a reader/writer/thinker/creator?
- Comments/concerns/sources of confusion regarding the course so far?