Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Blogging Field Trip!

Well ladies and gentlemen, you've all been working hard to establish your own little piece of the blogosphere. In today's class we will be taking a cyber field trip, to the blogs of your fellow classmates. Take some time today to explore the blogs of your classmates, investigate what they've been doing, and contribute to their blogging learning, by posting comments.  While everyone needs a cheerleader, please ensure that your comments are more than "great job". Instead, try ask questions, and start conversations.  Make sure you pay particular attention the newly posted "Six Word Memoir" projects as well.

Not sure where to start? Visit the sidebar (--->)to see your fellow students blogs, select a blog that looks interesting and off you go!

While you are off visiting other blogs, use the chatroom posted below to keep the class conversation going, post links to other students blogs, and invite people to yours:


?? Ms. McLauchlan- How many comments should I post?  Well, you have all class! But the blogging rule of thumb is for every item you have posted on your own blog, you comment on at least two other people's blogs. 


Claire Boyd said...

Hey, I really liked taking this class just to surf and see what everyones doing. The comments left on my blog also reasured me I'm on the right track with my blog!