Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Daily Cre8te- Digital Footprint Doodle

So here is your Daily Cre8te-
1. Doodle about your digital footprint! Things to doodle about:
  • Your doodle interpretation of the Wikipedia definition above
  • Doodle what your digital footprint looks like. How deep is it your footprint? What is in it? Is it "muddy"?
  • Doodle about how can you use your digital footprint as springboard to your future endeavours?
  • Is there anything unexpected when you “Googled” yourself?  Put your Google results in your doodle.
  • What are some of the online social media sites you belong to?  What is the name/identify you use there? Place them in your doodle.
  • What are the last five things you Googled? List them on your doodle.
  • What are the three sites you visit most frequently?  Put them in your doodle.
  • Consider the ways you use your cel phone (texting, surfing the net, taking pics, etc.), put thes in your digital footprint.
  • What are the last 10 text messages you’ve sent?  Put the names of the recievers, and the text itself in your doodle.
  • Who are the last five people in your cel phone’s calls made, calls received list? Put those people in your doodle.      
  • Doodle about anything else that comes to mind when thinking about your digital footprint.