Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Let's Get Blogging!

Now that you've set up your blog, it's time to start filling it with posts! Remember that your blog is an extension of your professional self, and should be a reflection of your best practises.  A good rule of thumb is, if wouldn't want your Grandmother to read about it, then don't post it! Here are a few places to start:

(1) An intro post- Who are you, what do you hope to accomplish through your blog.
(2) Take a pic of your digital footprint, post it with a brief explanation of what it is, and what it represents.
(3) Type and post last week's Reading Response (#1)
(4) Take a pic of your Daily Cre8tes, post them  with a brief explanation of what they are, and what they represent.
(5) Start looking for some personal additions to your blog.

At the end of class, come back to this post and add a comment below detailing the work you did to your blog today!


Taylor Driedger said...

In today's class i accomplished ;

Updating my info post
Updating Quote/Album of the week
as well as writing a new post - "Weekly Response # 1 "

Sam MacDonald said...

I posted both my Digital Footprint and my
Reading Response and I am currently working on a personal post!

zachphung said...

In today's class i accomplished;
- Edited my "about me" post
- Blog post about my "digital footprint sketch"
- Blog post of a daily create

I noticed that blogger is extremely easy to use and that blogging isn't so bad after all.

Kaitlyn Nott said...

Today I finnished up posting a daily cre8te, and a reading response. I am very close to puttting my digital footprint up!

wes pheifer said...

Today in class i started to type out my reading and writting survey, i got about half way done. I also took pictures of my digital footprint. Niether of them have been posted yet but should be later today.

Anonymous said...

Started my reading response!

Ellyse Olafson said...

Today I posted a picture of my digital footprint and commented on it, I also began retyping my reading response but have only saved it rather than posted it because I still have to finish.

Tao said...

in today's class
edited my "smoking" post

emily chung said...

Today in class I posted a daily cre8te, and started working on my reading response #1.

tracey-victoria Young said...

Today I posted my first daily create from Feb. 6, I also updated my gadgets and checked out who visited my blog. Updating info and doing my digital footprint as well as my reading response from last week is on the agenda for later.

Steven Williamson said...

In todays class I , revised my first post and finished my work in my writers notebook

Lochlan Wilson said...

Today I started typing out my second Daily Create, but I decided to work on my Reading Response instead. I saved the Daily Create as a draft and finished and published my reading response.

Paige Podaima said...

In today's class I accomplished typing up my first reading response!

Bea Heuthorst said...

I posted my first reading resoponse as well as my digital footprint sketch. I also started planning a personal addition.

Stephanie Zappia said...

Today in class I posted a few personal additions to my blog. I also posted my first reading response, as well as one of the Daily Cre8tes. I posted pictures along with these posts and took pictures of projects that I intend to post on my blog in the near future.

Luping Che said...
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Luping Che said...

In today's class.I posted 3 daily creatives and made some edits.

Xinge Wu said...

I posted my first and second daily creatives in today's class.

Miss Bell said...

Hello there!

Dean Shareski forwarded your name to me in my quest to find someone who can help me set-up, imagine, reimagine, and implement a writer’s workshop format in my senior English classes. I have been reading books on the topic of the writer’s workshop and am fascinated by it, but I am finding very little to do with the senior grades. I notice in my seniors many of the same writing deficits described in the younger students, but at the end of my course is a high stakes %40 Provincial exam that is comprised of 3 academic writing pieces.

I am looking for help in any form. A person who has done this already, someone who wants to do it, any mentoring would be greatly appreciated.

M Bell
Cedar Secondary
SD 68
Nanaimo, B.C