Monday, 11 February 2013

Weekly Response #1 (Reading only)

Every Friday you will have the entire class to read a book of your choice.  Every Monday you will be working on a response.  Some weeks this response will be based solely on the book you are reading, while other weeks you will also be reflecting on the writing we've done that week as well. The format for the "reading" portion of the response should look as follows: 

            Weekly Response #_____ (Reading)


            Pages Read: ______ - ______

Things to Consider When Writing:

·         Share your opinions, questions, comments, predictions on what you have read.

·         DON’T RETELL PLOT!!

·         Your reflection should be written in full sentences, and should be around three paragraphs in length.

·         There is no need for introductory or concluding paragraphs. Just jump right into it!

·         Be detailed and specific, use supporting quotations from your novel. 

·         300 words in length- completed every Monday, or the first school day of the week.

·         Posted by the end of class, or the very beginning of the next day’s class at the latest.