Monday, 25 February 2013

Weekly Response #2 (Reading and Writing)

This week's response includes both a reading and writing portion.
Reading Response Portion:
Pages Read: ______ - ______

· Share your opinions, questions, comments, predictions on what you have read.


· Your reflection should be written in full sentences, and should be around three paragraphs in length.

· There is no need for introductory or concluding paragraphs. Just jump right into it!

· Be detailed and specific, use supporting quotations from your novel.

(300 words in length)

Writing Response Portion:

Given all of the "post high school" thinking we have been doing these days (many of you where away last week to tour your respective post secondary institutions), discuss the specific ways you can use your blog to help you pursue your goals after high school. Keep in mind that everybody has different goals for after graduation (job, apprenticeship/internships, travel, scholarships, university, college). So how can you use your blog to achieve your goals?

(150 words)