Monday, 30 September 2013

Finishing Up Your Six Word Memoirs

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It seems we are coming to the end of our work with "6 Word Memoirs", and that means that we need to finish polishing and editing, and publish them for the world to see! Exciting right? Ok, here's what you need to know:

(1) You must have 8 of your "Six Word Memoirs" for publishing.

(2) E-mail each of your finished 8 "Six Word Memoirs" to the class Flickr account:

(3) Each of these 8 "Six Word Memoirs" must be posted as separate entry, on your blog by Tuesday, October 1rst.

(4) A "published" photo MUST HAVE a photography credit either on the picture or as a caption underneath the photo. You've take the photo yourself, you must have a photo credit.

(5) Each photo "Six Word Memoir" must have a Writer's Note attached to it. The Writer's Note is your opportunity to explain your process for writing the six words, as wells as how you selected the photo and how it connects to the six words. Each writer's note must be 100 words in length.

Things to write about in your Writer's Note:

(1) How does the image and the words fit together?
(2) What editing techniques did you performed on the photo? Why?
(3) How did you use punctuation to clarify your message?
(4) Discuss your font: color, style, placement. How was it appropriate for the text and image?

See postings below for examples and inspiration:!/2012/02/six-word-memoir-1.html