Thursday, 19 September 2013

This Week's Reading Strategy- Text Connections

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Research shows that effective readers all possess similar characteristics of “reading greatness”. Two such characteristics are:

They activate their background--they reflect on what they know before reading and  . . .

They connect that knowledge to the during and after stages of their reading experience. Below are three different types of connections:

Text to Self                              (t-s)
Connect your own experiences to something that has happened in the text.
“This reminds me of when I . . .”

Text to Text Connection                     (t-t)
Connect this text to other texts such as other novels, poems, short stories, and magazine articles.
“This is different/the same as another book I read. . .”

Text to World Connection                  (t-w)
Connect events or issues that have taken place in the world to what you are reading.

While reading, use post it notes to record the various types of text connections you experience.