Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Personal Additions

Your blog should be an extension of you and reflect your personality in a professional manner. The best way to accomplish is through personal additions!

Personal additions are your chance to include items you find inspiring, interesting, and/or worth commenting on into your blog and WRN. Items that could be considered personal additions include (but are not limited to):

·Poems/Song Lyrics
·A list of confession
·A list of inspirational quotes
·“I know for sure that . . .”
·A sketch of a character/scene from your novel
·Consider “big questions”
·To you, what is love?
·What would be your priority if you wanted to repair the world.
·What would you like to never end?
·Write a letter to your future self.
·Comment on an interesting article in the newspaper, or a magazine.
·React to a piece of art/music. ..
·Post- movie reflection

(1) Give credit where credit is due! Always credit the creator and/or original source of the item. If it is an item you found on the Internet, always add the URL of the original source, and give the name of the person who created/wrote the item. If you wrote/created it, then give yourself props! Remember, claiming someone else's work as your own is considered plagiarism!
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(2)Cut, paste and think.Don’t leave your addition on its own; add your own commentary to the item. If you just cut and paste, the item seems random and unconnected to your blog as a whole.