Monday, 9 September 2013

Questions, Comments, Predictions- Reading Strategy

#metacognition #engchat #readingstrategies

During Friday's free reading class, I introduced you to a reading strategy that would help keep you "reading actively" during the period.  Your job was to use post-it notes to keep track of the following:

Questions (?)

·      While you are reading you may find yourself asking questions.  These questions might be about plot or character or any other element in the novel.


·      As a reader you respond to what you are reading. These comments and opinions are important and need to be recorded on Post-it notes.

 Predictions (!)

·      The author will often leave clues that allow you as a reader to create predictions about the plot, and characters.



Casey Clair said...

"Divergent (99). Really interesting if you're into dystopian books w/ a conflicted heroine #intro"

"?. Tris has joined the Dauntless but how does being divergent fit into the story?"

"I really love Tris' character. She is more different than snyone else in the story which I believe makes her divergent #comment"

"!. I can see Tris' mother visiting her despite most in her faction seeing her switch as a betrayal"

"Has anyone read any other dystopian books? I've already read the Hunger Games and I'm reading Divergent now"